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False Death IV Talisman bug?

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  • False Death IV Talisman bug?

    The False Death IV (legendary) talisman appears to be reviving with 1 hp, rather than 60% of hp pool as advertised. Is anyone else having this problem?

    I was using False Death III for EC50 with no problems (and by no problems I mean dying 3-30 times before passing), but after "winning" the legendary flavor after the latest xHB, I was having more trouble than usual. Until I watched the battle more closely and saw that the revive was bringing my main up without any health.

    A screenshot is not really feasible because the indicator of the False Death proc actually occurs when you die (weird) rather than during the revive which is where the bug is. I will test this out on other mercs for the next few days.

    Also, the talisman text regarding healing is vague - "friendlies with the False Death Talisman do not heal" text is weird, and makes no sense. I thought it might be related, but it's not since FD III works fine.

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    Seem you are not the only one
    Exe s14 Warrior


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      aha! but apparently they never fix anything el1979 reports, look at his poor farm thread. Sad.


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        yeah still waiting for 3 vip slots on farm to b open again
        btw already put thread on this talisman issue


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          damn. now I have to take back my "Finally got a good tali from HB!" brag on guild chat.


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            How is this (and the other thread 2 months ago!) not worthy of an official response? The bug is simple, and should be easy to fix.

            We understand that DEV is a band of gypsy's, but please get with the program MODS, and at least confirm that it has been reported.


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              For those having a problem with False Death IV take a video of the battle, we'll take that. Since screenshots maybe or are not feasible in this situation because it's a battle.
              Shadowbound Mod StarrySky


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                Originally posted by StarrySky View Post
                For those having a problem with False Death IV take a video of the battle, we'll take that. Since screenshots maybe or are not feasible in this situation because it's a battle.
                1) Thank you for responding
                2) I reject your bug policy of mandatory screen shot/video
                2a) You have more than enough information to figure it out yourself - False Death IV is not returning the appropriate amount of health upon revive.
                2b) It is not worth my time. If I was reporting an obscure or complicated bug, or something that was seriously messing with my game flow, I would consider providing additional information. But it's not, it's just an inconvenience to me - I can beat the hardest PvE this game has to offer with FD III just fine (this is also a sad story).

                So it's really up to you how well you want to support your customers, but I'm not expecting much - this game has a rich history of terrible support/bug resolution.


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                  Did you try the thing we always tell everyone to do? (Clear cache and cookies) To be honest, I'm always afraid to give that answer.

                  It was tested and found not to be bugged. Now I feel like testing it myself.
                  Shadowbound Mod StarrySky


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                    Interesting. I can really only test it on Elemental Challenge 50, since nothing else is of the appropriate challenge to have the battle last long enough for a revive, though I've seen this problem at least a half dozen times. And el1979 claimed he could easily reproduce this in WB.

                    I will try to reproduce his results in WB, and also try it on other mercs than my main. Not much more I can do, but there definitely is a bug, though it may not be so simple.


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                      My main revived with 14997 hp in WB, when he should have revived with 60% of ~740k hp = ~444000hp

                      14997 not equal 444000. Bug confirmed in WB.

                      Next update will be for other mercs.

                      UPDATE2: It's 14997 every time.


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                        Update3: it worked fine with Oculo, so maybe it's just a problem with mains, or warriors.


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                          UPDATE: This is still a problem - Feign Death revives with ~15000hp, instead of ~4000000hp. I can reproduce this fairly reliably on CW110.
                          It used to only affect my main when I used Feign Death IV, so it wasn't too big of a deal to use Feign Death III instead. But now it's happening for both.
                          There's finally some content (CW) where I actually need these talismans. So please re-submit this issue to DEV.
                          I will not be holding my breath for a response, and refuse to thank anyone in advance.

                          - dboon
                          Last edited by dboon; 11-20-2015, 07:08 PM. Reason: signature


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                            This is still a problem.
                            Originally it only affected my main with FD IV but FD III worked fine. FD IV was fine for Oculo.
                            Now FD IV AND FD III are broken for my main (revives with tiny hp), but FD II works fine. FD IV is now broken for Oculo, but FD III works fine.

                            This makes it fairly obvious that at a certain threshold (high) of Hit Points, the revive routine gets borked.
                            It's now difficult to reproduce for me because CW110 is too easy and CW115 is too difficult.

                            Please pass this information to DEV because otherwise the Feign Death talisman will become useless, and I REALLY want to use it.


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                              How is this not worthy of a response?!?

                              Feign Death is a critical talisman for both PvE progression, and an annoying PvP tactic. I can't even use it in its current state, and I'm sure I would be able to clear CW115 if it worked as advertised, so thanks for nothing.