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Steal Guild and Abuse in WC

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  • Steal Guild and Abuse in WC


    I want to know if this game and support staff deal with abusive players that are making other players quit the game?
    On Server 101, rank 1 guild was hijacked and when leader wanted guild back. The abusive player kicked the leader out and the deputy aswell.

    Then he also abused and mocked us in WC, saying he wants to give us 10 diamonds to start a new guild.
    Now in general that is not a big thing to say, but I am making this post so the support staff can understand the context and how hurtful it was.

    All the members of the hijacked guild will be leaving and joining us in a new guild. Many will just quit the game too i believe. Hope some strong action can be taken against players like these.

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    Honestly, if the leader gave leadership to another player freely. there is nothing that can be done. only way any action would be taken is if the current leader had hacked the leader to transfer leadership.
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      Somehow, I think this usurper wanted all the power for himself...and the ability to gloat that he is the leader of the #1 guild. Hopefully that new guild can overthrow this person's guild, if the original guild only now has that one guy in it.

      What is the world coming to with people like that? It's making me lose faith in humanity.

      Actually if a screenshot was taken of world chat that can be dealt with.
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        I do have a screenshot.
        Here it is.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	abuse1.jpg
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ID:	1718444

        Also I know we made a mistake by giving leadership to him, thts why I am not requesting the guild back.
        But just coz we made a mistake, the Game Operators shud not allow this kind of behavior.
        I have opened a ticket already, and I am here on forum asking further help from active mods and other players.

        You can see the shift of players in these many hours already.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	222.jpg
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ID:	1718445

        Now i am grateful that u guys wish our new guild all the best. But that is not what I am here for.
        I am providing you guys with evidence so you can actually take some action against this kinda behavior which is only reducing the number of actives on our server/game.
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          why you leave crocoV me wraithking
          if you angry because code talking on charges of slave guild members please dont rupture from dontgiveup but if move to other guild invite me too