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First-day missing check in rewards

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  • Character: |BiteMeArse
    Server: s3-Insanity
    Time: Europe
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox
    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1718964


    • Character=KMA
      Server= s3 Insanity
      Time= Europe
      Browser= Google Chrome
      Click image for larger version

Name:	KMA_R2.png
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ID:	1718965


      • HiccupKiller
        Eastern time
        Mozilla Firefox
        Click image for larger version

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        • by your fault I missed the evento de halloween
          I want compensation for lost time
          server 101 fellhope
          character: nabii
          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2.jpg
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ID:	1718967


          • Mikey73
            Miniclient W/windows10 wish you would fix the bugs there too. TYIA
            Sorry but no idea how to do a Screen shot.


            • This is a bad joke... Event no more and i lose first day for this bug... i leave this game...


              • My name is Fabiano José i have 2 account.....

                Character Name : BinhoBlack
                Server Number : S14
                Local time zone : GMT -3
                Login method : Mini Client
                level =75

                Character Name : BinhoBlack
                Server Number : S85
                Local time zone : GMT -3
                Login method : Mini Client

                on both servers I play the first day of the event was as "missed" but I did chekin every day and end of the event on 02/11 not be able to get the latest cards from the magic ghost ... I would love you solve so .. how can I do chekins every day and when you get on the last day of the event and not achieve my goal ... remembering that the two servers I did not get to check and you will see I play every day.
                Please need the 7 remaining cards on both servers..

                I use the mini client....
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                • Trinity
                  gmt -8
                  Fire Fox

                  The first day was already missed when I logged in the 1st day. And for some reason I can't screen shot this. but it looks the same as others with the same missed 1st day.


                  • and wheres is the missing reward we didnt get yet in the check in event the ghost shards?

                    S33 Silver Spire
                    â„¢Game_Overâ„¢ lvl 69


                    • Character Name : AmivarTonika
                      Server Number : S39
                      Local time zone : GMT +1
                      Login method : Chrome browser
                      I cant put a screenshot because the event is over now.


                      • Zombified s19

                        thought event was broken so i didnt try second cause the first 1 didnt work

                        time is GMT +2

                        internet explorer

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	checkin.JPG
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ID:	1718977


                        • so I'm wondering if the people that missed the first day's prize due to being in the wrong time zone, are they going to be compensated or are we just SoL(Sh-t out of luck)?
                          A response would be nice......


                          • I agree. A response would be nice since the event has ended. Or why start a bug report thread in the first place?!
                            Fear the cute ones!
                            [S72] Cerulean Fields Miu Mack
                            [S78] Arryn's Legion Alayha
                            [S96] Narakib Highlands â™* Alayha â™*


                            • i posted here in thread and also submitted ticket they fixed the first day missing rrewards part but i was still unable to collect the final 7 ghost shards as collect button didnt work. I sent ticket and they replied to watch forumn for update. now event is over and holiday tab is closed so even if they give us shards we are having to wait till next halloween to craft? im guessing they will tell us as the event is passed they cant fix it. theyve done that before sadly. ho[e to hear better news though


                              • Originally posted by GM_Ducky View Post
                                Hello Guys ,

                                Regarding the latest Day 1 check in missing rewards issue , please reply to this thread with the following information :

                                Character Name , Server Number , Local time zone , login method either miniclient or using a browser (please mention the browser's name being used) , and a screenshot showing the full game screen and the missed rewards

                                so it would look like this ..

                                Character Name : Ducky
                                Server Number : S1
                                Local time zone : GMT +2
                                Login method : Chrome browser

                                Post your screenshot right after .

                                thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience that may have caused
                                we didnt get the missing check in event yet have a look
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	noty.jpg
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Size:	53.3 KB
ID:	1718998
                                this where the 1st problem that we encounter
                                server number:S33
                                local time zone: idont know my time zone yet
                                log in method:chrome browser through FB