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Lost character - xuna s5

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  • Lost character - xuna s5

    .For many years i had a primary R2 games account via FOR SHADOWBOUND ONLY I made a facebook account as i clicked on Shadowbound through facebook. For a solid year i just simply went thru facebook without the slightest blip of a problem.. until today. Today it got wiped clean as i could not click through facebook into R2 games.. I screenshotted it. It forced me to make a brand new character whether I wanted it or not. "Ben Traven" My CORRECT character should be Xuna SERVER 5 IMMORTALS clan PHEONIX. Ben Traven got accidentally created as i was frantically trying to take screen shots showing XUNA was gone. I cant even give you my R2 account for facefook as it has now defaulted to my primary account... WRONG ACCOUNT. I would give a million dollars if I knew my FB numerical weird email address but its like 15 or so numbers long @ Screenshots included shows facebook says your website's certificate is untrusted and would not let my facebook account log in , second one were i accidentally made new char as i was trying to only just take a screen shot. I NEED XUNA BACK. PLEASE HELP. 1 year of my life gone otherwise. I can't submit a ticket the normal way as this is the wrong account member ID, and i dont even know the member number ID for my facebook created account.
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    RE: Lost Character Xuna S5

    First of all your character is not lost, just your ability to access it. I know you are frustrated with this particular problem; however, it is a FireFox issue caused
    by the site not being allowed. This occurs when the certificate needs to be updated. The best thing to do is copy the address directly from the top of your
    screen and then perform the following within FireFox:

    Click Tools at the TOP of Firefox
    Click Options within the dropdown box
    Click Advanced
    Click View Certificates
    Click Server
    Click Add An Exception Button
    Paste the url that is not being accepted by firefox
    Click Get Certificate
    Then as you know it IS a valid site, if it does not find a new Certificate, Click Add Exception.

    ****Please note: As you are only unable to get to your character through this particular browser, then utilize another browser until such time that you FireFox
    functions properly again. Make sure your FireFox is kept up to date etc. I am sure you are aware of all of this…but many will read this as well!!

    Happy Gaming!!


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      THANK YOU for fast reply and I got a compensation pack for lost time. I lost the entire day yesterday, reinstalled Firefox, restarted my comp 5 times etc etc... I will be repairing this problem on Firefox soon, big thanks on explaining how to do this!!