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S49 down

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  • S49 down

    Server 49 just went down ..... again ......
    Click image for larger version

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  • #2
    once agein the game messes up and once agein we loses out on every think


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      as long as it doesnt do that for CSGW qualification I wont mind


      • #4
        this game has more bugs then my back yard its its god dam silly thay should STOP with bring out new sever and fix the ones
        thay already have


        • #5
          I can't logon either.

          LW - Tower of Ulfang


          • #6
            s49 still down


            • #7
              severs 49 /50 still down


              • #8
                bet thay are only doing it cos sever 50/49 are kicking but in csgw since thay did a merg


                • #9
                  well its becoming quite annoying nearly 12h our server is down without any news from anyone (Ive made a ticket)


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                    Server 49-50 still down

                    what about lost playtime

                    and stilll have other ingame issues like to talk to a GM!

                    LoveEsco S-50


                    • #11
                      Yeah this has become absurd. And im sure the comp will be no where close to what we are losing. I know ive lost at least 3 mil gold and 4 mil exp so far. runes , rewards for 8v8, etc...


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                        here to dmin

                        not happy at all!


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                          Originally posted by xXDminXx View Post
                          Yeah this has become absurd. And im sure the comp will be no where close to what we are losing. I know ive lost at least 3 mil gold and 4 mil exp so far. runes , rewards for 8v8, etc...
                          of course it is (if you ask me) and the GM silence do nothing to confort me


                          • #14
                            ok some news finally

                            R2 Jay replied:

                            Hello GweirWimkin,

                            Thank you for submitting this report about the connection problem in your server. We have been aware of this problem and we truly sorry for the inconvenience that had caused you and your character. We have received numerous reports and tickets as well about this problem and right now we are discussing for “How and Does” process to make this game more convenient to our valued player and to prevent again some issues might occur again indeed we know that we can’t control problems that might appear in game but we’re trying whatever we can just at least to lessen some issues, we know the game is not perfect but we will make you sure that every player will be worth playing in this game.

                            Thus, we already submitted a report with our Higher Department regarding on the current issue for not able to connect in game and right now we are coordinating with the Project Team to attend on this case and to help on the process of fixing the issue. We must ask for your understanding as we are in the process of fixing the problem and please bear with us for the time that may take/consume for resolving this case. Please rest assured that this is of the utmost importance and we are working diligently to resolve the matter.

                            We thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. It has been our pleasure to assist you. Please kindly wait for any results of the update that will be announce sooner. You may also visit our forum for some announcement that will be posted.

                            If you have any other concerns/questions, please let us know. We will be more than willing to assist you.

                            -The R2Games Team


                            • #15
                              as I thougth server is back up hav fun guys XD