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after Game Froze Rewards Gone

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  • after Game Froze Rewards Gone

    8v8 Rewards gone was in middle 8v8 when game froze

    No Wb Bonus wasnt able to enter Game

    Farm stuff reseted tree blessing n Slaves gone

    TG bonus Gone Wasnt able to enter game

    Other then that everything is peachy

    hope sm compansation is in order

    miniskull of s42

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    Did you happen to catch a screenshot of that? Though I can probably guess what caused it (either loading stuck at some percentage or 'Failure Data Recieved please contact GM').
    Shadowbound Mod StarrySky


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      how can i catch a screenshot if the game froze in middle of 8v8 n couldnt enter for 8 hours

      so i couldnt finish 8v8 stuck in middle of it couldnt enter game so didnt got any rewards

      TG lost game wasnt available

      missed WB bcause also couldnt enter game yet thats a 1/2 a day worth of stuff lost

      dont start about FARM that "sm" of the things got lost

      thank god for farm plots they were still intact i wouldnt know what i do if they were gone again n i have to wait another six months to get them fixed again

      well next time give us warning 2 hours b4 game freezes so i can take screenshot **sigh**

      miniskull of s42