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RECHARGE, payment successfull but NO DIAMONDS received and NO ANSWER EMAIL

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  • RECHARGE, payment successfull but NO DIAMONDS received and NO ANSWER EMAIL

    Today i submitted 2 tickets for Xsolla payments:

    "Tried to recharge to be able to get the last Lava giant shard i need, payment was successfull (order number 0030001378659364) but no diamonds received, thought things did go wrong so i did an other recharge (order number 0030001378661429), same thing happened, no diamonds received and payment was successfull
    Looking forward to receive the diamonds i paid for, receive the last lava giant shard i need and a nice compensation for this nasty inconvenience
    Gratefully yours

    Right now i m ******, very very ******!

    I v a loss of 6000 diamonds / € 50,--!!! Didn t make the 1 Lava giant shard i needed !!! But even the politeness to answer is GONE!!! Promised mail that will be send to verify, isn t send at all!!!

    Dear R2 games, pls take care of these issues, isn t the first time this happens!

    And yea, i did attach the screenshots and yea my mail address is an existing one

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    please check on main site under my orders and see if it shows the attempt....if it says it was unsuccessful please let me know
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      If you charged through probably would take a while too, but maybe this is different.

      If you used XSolla you can also use the contact us button in the recharge window and use their live chat feature to get some assistance with this issue too. Since you mention that your diamond purchase was successful, but you didn't get anything.
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        ty for replying, but your administration system really SUCKS!

        Still i don t have the diamonds i paid for and still i don t have the 1 lava giant shard i recharged for in the first place.

        The registration of payments or failures isn t correct too! And still i haven t heard a thing of Xsolla for which i already did 2 tickets as mentioned in the other reply.

        Therefore i not only attach a screenshot of the "order screen" so you can see yourself not all is registered there, i also attach the 2 screenshots of the payment made and a screenshot of the game play, so you can notice no diamonds are there.

        For now, i really expect to receive my diamonds i paid for today, as the 1 lava giant shard i miss now by this bad functioning paying system (happened some time ago also when i wanted to recharge and had to act like a beggar to receive the diamonds i paid for).

        A compensation of 20 mighty mole shards or 40 galactica shards would be great as for now i wasn t also able to do my duties twice a day.
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          XSolla is the system used if you recharge using the ingame recharge button...though I'm guessing you used the website way of recharging (shop page ->select game->select purchase method->pay->(supposed to) get diamonds).

          The latter method of recharging usually works fine for me though.

          Thanks for the screens.
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            Well, you r wrong about this, i recharged both ways!

            And for me, i can be wrong, but still there s NO SOLUTION!


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              Swampy do you have the ticket numbers for the tickets you submitted, if so please give them to me so that we can follow up on them.
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                I m glad to tell you, my recharge payments have been paid back to me. TYSM!

                Unfortunately , forgot to compensate me with at least the 1 lava giant shard i miss now and recharged for in the first place.

                It s no good i v to wait several days to get my own money back and not have been able anymore to use it for the thing i spent / thought i spent it.

                Therefore i m looking forward to be compensated for this loss.

                For good order this is the mail i received finally:
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                  Its good to hear that you got you money back Swampy, but please be aware you are not to post the ticket conversations in the forum.
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