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gw ..hb results incorrect after rollback and arena still bugged

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  • gw ..hb results incorrect after rollback and arena still bugged

    Our gwars states that cashcow ninjas S85 was beaten by 8th wonder but this is incorrect..CCN beat 8th and Autumn was MVP. Also hard battles results are different too from what actually occurred. Oh and yeh cross server arena is still bugged . If you could enlighten us on the intentions of how R2 plan to rectify this that would be great thanks

    The final was actually between Loona and myself in 70 79 bracket which I won and the 90 bracket final was originally between Critical and karlisx I don't remember off my head the other brackets sorry so if anyone else does please say so
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  • isis06790
    That's correct. Not sure how that is possible.

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