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  • complaint

    r2 mentors are getting no education server 119 giving wrong answer ma conduct, I asked one thing spent 100 attempts at the event and won only 1 hydra
    and 19 stones level 3
    he replies are 2% chance to drop
    I say that the drop down and spent a lot of money to not take anything
    mentor replied that the problem and my
    event fact today between 8 am and 9 h10
    I not thought r2 is calling children with children's behavior to mentor that requires ability to interact with players
    I'm not here to listen offense of not mentor
    I asked if they could drop increases to 10% for 100% you earn only 2% does not compensate for this vip not play

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      well tree event is based on luck

      1. u can get lucky n spend nothing to get what u need
      2. u can spend a **** load n get nothing

      the only thing that really tick me off is that they changed the event on tree from the soul shards to the headlesshorseman mount shards after 1 event

      i saved a 500 free golden seeds & spent a **** load to get soul shards n than they changed it after 1 event

      so in the end only got 5 soul shards & now i dont have **** that is nearly enough to get the headlesshorse mount

      so what u can learn from this (((R2 SUCKS!)))
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        I am very sorry for your frustrations on your server, however I need the entire conversation not just one screen shot. My understanding is that the screen shot you have provided, while is worded very poorly, has been taken out of context. Can you please provide the entire interaction you had with the mentor?


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          IM gonna chime in on this....

          Mentors shouldnt be giving advice on events... "Most" mentors are ignorant of this game...And a "LOT" of mentors are giving advice they shouldnt be giving.

          A mentor should only be guiding players on which buttons to press....NO OTHER ADVICE...And im saying this why...

          There is a handful of players in this game that can give Wisdom to players in this game and from the mentors that i have encountered..the current mentors are not in that handful.

          And if a Mentor ever told me...thats ur problem..not consider hiring a lawyer
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            and here is another thing...

            R2 has the worst chat program i have ever encountered since the "www" was invented. Yes, i have been online before there was a www. No one should have to prove their should be logged.
            But not suprise for cheap rule logs....NO ip loggers! No chat loggers. Ur R2 CEO wants to make as much money as he can, and "MOST" cashers are cheaters. SO why run loggers to catch cheaters. Or "employs" giving bad advice.
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