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Some Servers have NO Events

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  • Some Servers have NO Events

    Even servers in the same time zone. Some of them have the events running smoothly some have no events at all. Fix it!! The weekend is over you have no excuse whatsoever. Fix it!!
    Circe ~ S29


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    How many days to declare collapse? End of game, no longer do correct maintenance, the game is full of bug's, no news, are the same items always, samurai cat is already expiring. And we playing idiots
    It's a goodbye to shadowbound!!! Sayōnara Shadowbound


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      No events? That same? Have consideration with players please this is lack of seriety and competence of the lords. It is the end notice have the honor of warning to the players.


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        This is summed up in three words: shameful, incompetence and neglect.


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          Most likely they need to do another maintenance to bring back the events. Last time this happened it took WEEKS! There are no moderators left in these forums, except R2 Henry who's nothing more than a glorified scribe -- and not even a good one at that, and Mod Simiel who only shows up when a server goes down providing insincere apologies. Fix the damn events. They're all we have left!