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Reported Bugs Master List

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  • Reported Bugs Master List

    Hi guys. I will be your interim mod until a permanent one is found (always taking applications, pm me for details). The forum is currently being combed to make sure every existing bug is reported to the developer. This thread will serve the purpose of keeping everyone in the loop on everything that is being reported, and allow everyone the opportunity to help make sure nothing is missed, and is an addition to the Mega Bug Report thread, but easier for me to work with.

    When commenting in this thread, please only include a link to something not on this list or a brief description if a separate thread has not been created. Please refrain from general comments, discussion, and opinions in this thread. Any posts not a link or a description of a bug will be removed.

    This thread is only for creating a master list of bugs that plague the game. This thread will be kept updated as things are reported. If any further information is needed about a bug being reported, it will be requested in a relevant thread.

    The List:
    • Missing merc cards
    • Guild leadership not transferring after leader offline for 7 days
    • Arena points get stuck at 00:00
    • Exp on world tree resets every maintenance
    • CSGW - same guild win every time without any participants
    • Purgatory attempts at 0
    • Level 90 upgrades
    • Constant server outages
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    the bug where you can only upgrade your br in CSHB if you win your local HB.


    • #3
      - allow us to split the sapphire butterfly feathers into shards. some of us have been holding on to the extra ones for 10 months now.
      - fix the missing token socket where it's all black and no token can be added to it.
      - please give us level 90 wings. 100 is too long a way to go.
      - increase the level 10 gem scroll drops. Clearing ET for over 12 months and no level 10 scrolls drop is NOT right. Or allow us to craft them from level 9 scrolls.
      - remove the max of gems upgrade level as well as the max on wings rank. We are running out of space in vaults and backpacks by storing keystones and wing hearts.
      - allow purchase of mount elixirs with vouchers.

      There are threads on all these issues but I can't seem to find any of them. May be too old to show or have been removed.
      Thank you for forwarding our grievances to the devs.
      Circe ~ S29


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        THE FRIENDSHIP BUG.... this has been since game began. Even if you decline friend request they still have you. They can use you as slave plunder, etc. most of us resort to blacklist as a last ditch effort to block people but that doesn't solve the problem, just we cant see them talk is all. They have us friended forever or until they decide to drop us.

        We no longer get gear enchancement from complete gear level sets.. example all 4+ gear gets attack +50, pdef +25, mdef +25, hp +250, all gear upgraded to level 8 gets attack +100, pdef +50, mdef +50, hp +600... and so on and so on.. I'm LEVEL 79, and sadly I know this because I don't get any of them!! it still shows its never been enhanced.

        And speaking of nooby stuff... new players when they very first start I believe its the first 7 days, maybe its 2 weeks get achievement rewards. like a gem or vouchers whatever they were supposed to do in the first days of playing.... I know a friend in the 70s STILL has yet to have that fixed. never got the rewards, permanently stuck.

        Drop rate for merc cards is extremely low. Some people get many, some wait months and months and get none. It seems inconsistent and not fair to some who struggle and get nothing.

        Horse elixir should NEVER have a expiration date as it takes many months to upgrade between levels, not days. its too hard to get horse elixir as it is.

        MP Purgatory invites don't work.. but catacomb invites do work.

        Badge training takes forever at only 5 a click, a +100 button would be a life saver, or a carpal tunnel saver. when we have thousands to click.

        Thanks... i'll add more as I think of more.
        Xuna s5, s116, etc.
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          Adding to the above a new one.. Bug since merge.. Not able to farm.. no plots. And if you go to farm of friend to help and back you stay on friends farm. Bless tree works but still resets after maintenance to lv10. Click image for larger version

Name:	FARMSB.png
Views:	1
Size:	448.7 KB
ID:	1728327

          And if collect shards from gorgeous wings i still only get the green ones
          Last edited by ClaireSorcha; 12-30-2016, 11:46 AM.
          ClaireSorcha S48 / LadyDragon S124


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            Originally posted by ClaireSorcha View Post
            Adding to the above a new one.. Bug since merge.. Not able to farm.. no plots. And if you go to farm of friend to help and back you stay on friends farm. Bless tree works but still resets after maintenance to lv10. [ATTACH=CONFIG]170602[/ATTACH]

            And if collect shards from gorgeous wings i still only get the green ones
            The farm bug appears only on certain servers, it's not the same everywhere. That's why toon name and server number are needed when reporting it.
            CSHB wings have always been random, it's not a bug. R2 is supposed to exchange them with a different color but the tickets have gone unanswered for a long time. Now THAT is indeed a bug because I don't want to call it something else LOL


            • #7
              "The farm bug appears only on certain servers".... on an exact same server half will get the bug half never heard of it... its honestly a game wide bug. it takes several months into a new server (6 months maybe?) for it to appear is the only difference but I've never seen a server that after months into it didn't get it. Some theorize a lot of these bug issues are IP address related, just like the luck success of getting merc cards. But its only a theory.
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              • #8
                i have the same problem with clair we ar from the same server 48 farm is stuck too i cant do anything and tree reset all the time and my plants ar stuck tooo cant colllect .


                • #9
                  Since the merge, I am on the same server as dodo and Claire. The farm doesn't work on my account either, hasn't since the merge. I have used diamonds to open the 3 last slots, and i'm quite annoyed that i can't use the farm. Would you kindly fix the bug?

                  Gwen Cooper, server 62


                  • #10
                    Please adjust the amount of Merit you can use per you can see in this pic the red arrow shows you can use 5 per click and the black arrow shows i have 25k. We get so many Merit that it is literally and figuratively a pain to use them
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	merit.jpg
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Size:	61.7 KB
ID:	1728445


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                      what a joke