Hello ShadowBound awesome people!
Do you want to join us into bugs fighting? >> answer
case "YES for sure i love being a helpful member of r2 community to make the game i play even better environment to play in":
Please Visit this link , https://r2rita.com/Applications/Apply.aspx and apply to be one ShadowBound mentors that helps covering the servers and keeps track of the bugs
which won't prevent them from playing their own account as they desire ..

case "No i don't want to be a mentor but i love to be a helpful member still , how can i help you ducky?":
in this case please save this link https://goo.gl/forms/Q2njPxMUnPmPLOEI3 and use it frequently to report any bugs you face , walking , flying , virtual .. it doesn't matter
to help us keep track of all the bugs species exists on Shadowbound and get them organized and fixed!


Thanks for being a helpful member of r2 community , Ducky appreciates it pretty much!

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