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  • Gaaaaaame....

    When I was playing the game, it slowly lags unless the game freeze. I'm mad because my game freeze for a second when entering a new zone. 5 minute ago, my entire computer froze for many seconds and I had to close the broswer Firefox. My IGN is Kaah. Server is Open Alpha.
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    Nothing to do much here.

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    there is some heavy lag due to the number of players online so adjustments will be made to the servers..... if the game lags too much, then close the game for about 15 seconds and reopen the browser.
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      it load 1/8 of the way then a message in chinese popped up...this happen every few hours. why is it doing this to me?
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        The game freezing isn'T because of the players, it is because we have a memory stack overflow within the Flash player! You guys didn't implement a memory wipe, so after some time your flashplayer will use up to all of your open memory and when it tries to use more it freezes and/or is crashing
        All the useless data isn't being wiped after use (fightdata that isn't needed anymore For example)


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          We need more servers people will increse and the computers will freeze cause of lag,more servers plz.