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Bug in forge.

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  • Bug in forge.

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Name:	lolpo.png
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ID:	1752847I'm having bugs in upgrade system it says i need a print but i have 3
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    Hey,you. Have u seen the descritpion of the print, as I known, it might be gun print Try another dungeon to get stuff print.


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      Well it says staff print but haves the image of a gun, just see a bit more it says staff


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        There are weapons for main classes then there are weapons for mercs. To upgrade merc weapons you need to defeat Dwarf Imp in Elite Dungeon.


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          Thank you.


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            Look at the print, it needs to say Class: all or Class: mercenary, in order to be used by a merc..... Class: Warrior, Mage, Hunter are character only prints
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