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0/5 the game because....

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  • 0/5 the game because....

    Wow very bad game you need repair some bug....

    Now i'm lv 12 and I need finish the quest: Level up the Guardian but the probleme its I already lv up it before get the quest and cant level up the 3rd skill because I need more lv but cant do anymore EXP. Maybe not maybe certainly you need put a zone for get exp at the start ...funny play a game 5 min and blocked with the main quest....I give the note of 0/5 with this big probleme

    Click image for larger version

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    Others are not having this problem, so I think you forgot to do something... I hope some mods will come and answer this.
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      This is not based on ur lvl its based on the Stars u gain from completing dungeons etc


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        This is not a bug, it is what happens when players do something in the game, like upgrade the guardian before the quest is open. there is no way to fix it, you will need to create a new character
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          Wow that's terrible that must be the worst thing that ever happened to him ._.
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            I think everyone needs to remember when game goes live to go slow.................... There is a reason for not rushing ahead.
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              why just create a new account just need to delete this one ...i Log with my Fb account


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                It only wants you to level up the guardian one single time, doesn't say "level into rank #2" or such.
                This means, that someone who spent all resources already would need to work on getting enough stuff for the next upgrade.
                Bit of a pain, but it does what it says on the tin.

                No need to re-roll.


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                  Sorry but this is really the first game, that doesn't advance the main line if you do something to early.
                  Most games just deny to advance to fast. I would consider it as bug as well. And since the char can't be deleted
                  by the player how do you start a new char?

                  Any way for the devs to block upgrading for the "tutorial" quest line? Shouldn't be hard to disable the button up to a certain level.
                  Slows the player down forced by the game

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