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Battle of Wits Event

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  • Grounter
    started a topic Battle of Wits Event

    Battle of Wits Event

    Ingame Name: Grounter

    Im not sure if its a bug or intended but:

    When you fail 3 times you turn into an Alpaca/Llama and as the event says, you cant get any more rewards. But if you keep inside, you will get 5 Vouchers for each question, dont matter what anwer you choose, it will say you failed and you will get 5 Vouchers (but no gold at all)

    Also another bug, sorry but i dont wanna open another post:

    Inside a Dungeon (normal mode for example) , when it asks if you wanna use a 1.5x Exp Scroll or x2 Exp Scroll, if you dont have a x2 Scroll and you choose to buy one, it says it costs something like 200 Vouchers, but the text is wrong, it tooks more like 500 Vouchers (not 100% sure about that but i know it takes more then it says)

  • Xeryus
    The first one is intended. If you fail 3 times, you turn into a Llama. You have the option to leave, or stay in room and boost your guilds participation reward (where the added rewards came from)

    The second is possibly a wording issue. But it is cheaper than buying the materials to make your own 2x scroll. The crafting (rare materials) had a recipe for 5 1.5x scrolls to make the 2x. A lot cheaper to keep a 1.5 and just buy in dungeon.

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