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VIP dungeong bug

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  • VIP dungeong bug

    both VIP3 and VIP 6 awards missing form chest... prominently the lvl 3/5(cant remember which) gems from 3 aand the lvl 7 gem from 6....

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    Same here, had the VIP Dungeon for VIP Level 3 today and no LVL 6 Gem after buying the chest.
    Thought it was the chance to get a lvl 6 gem, but not sure, because someone else was asking.

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      Same for me yesterday and today no gems.


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        can i get some confirmation this is being sorted and that i and others will recieve our prizeS?... after all if VIP 7+ is going to be the same
        why should i aim for it?


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          i lost 4.2 million gold when i login to my account this mrning... GM's any answer to this? surprised to see it, from 4.4m approx it went down to 2ook++..


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            I have had the issue looked into, there is a CHANCE of getting the gem each time players run the dungeon, so there will be compensation of stamina for the players that have given their names
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              Thanks Kit, where do I find it on the chest?
              I will have a look l8er while doing the dungeon. If it is not there I hope they fix it soon

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                Hmm I thought at least you would get one of the shown items if you open the chest.
                But no, I only got a Mount Elixier and 1 Lvl. 2 Gem Pack

                Click image for larger version

Name:	vip3-chest-yield.png
Views:	1
Size:	646.2 KB
ID:	1691467

                So I would say noone should buy the package inside the VIP Dungeon until they give a proper description.

                Proud leader of the Dragons


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                  Ok thought it was just me, its a big waste of diamonds for a level 2 gem and a mount Elixier I won't be using that end feature anymore..

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                    Turkey from S2 here. ive done this everyday, and never get anything showned..... always trash that makes me regret wasting the diamonds..

                    also shouldnt the prizes scale from the lesser mobs? im working no level 50 gear now, but still they just give scared stones for lvl 30/tier 1/green named gear. you shouldnt have to spend another 2000$ to have this prizes scale....
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                    Turkey of S2.


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                      Still havent seen anyone with better rewards than lvl 3 gem pack. For a chest that could maybe contain a lvl 6 gem pack, that seems really strange. Not saying you're lying to us, but I would really like to know the loot table and the percentage for each items. Thank you


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                        I am having the same issue as Turkey (above). It never drops what is shown (any of the 3 good rewards). Am getting trashy rewards. This has been going on since the beginning and I thought I was the only one.

                        Please rectify, admin.

                        Thank you~

                        Mickie (S2)


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                          This is exactly the same issue as in Knights Fable's Hell Dungeons, where it's just missing space for description that leads to confusion. In it it shows a pic of 6 "possible" items u will get while finishing them ( mostly books or a gold bag ), but it's more like "the 6 best things u can get out of a range of 12"

                          Maybe a way to rephrase it would be " Win a prize that could include one of these " to limit confusion, something like that...

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