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Dodge not working or 100% monsters accuracy

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  • Dodge not working or 100% monsters accuracy

    Well yesterday i reached lvl 50 and i was able to equip another Astral

    I choosed to equip Dodge Astrals in my 2 Defenders. And i realised something. Dodge Works fine in PVP but when you fight against monster, never works.

    For example in CloudWinder or Elite Dungeons, even when my dodge rate is over +20% they never dodge any atacks. Im not sure if its inteded, or the monsters have a 100% accuracy/Hit and they never fail or if its just bugged.

    Well thats all i hope you can check it, also i hope is not intended bcs that will make dodge a bit usless

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    Hi, it's not a bug. It is based on monsters' hit. You won't dodge any atacks if their hit rate is high enough.