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Leveling help?

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  • Leveling help?

    Hi, I'm new to the game and I got hooked right away. Haha. ^^;; I'm stuck at level 38 and I have no idea what to do to level...the training grounds supposedly give a lot of EXP, or so it says, but I'm only getting 204 EXP per group of Ursas. Please help! Thank you! :>

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    Do your main Quests and Loops, also elite dungeons, and MP dungeons.


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      Thank you so much! ^^


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        Ehhh...while I'm at it, does anyone know a quick way to earn Vouchers? o3o Please and thanks! ^^


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          I need to add that spending gold on maxing loop quests offers excellent source of exp. Its really helping me towards gettin to 49


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            is not ghive no exp its a joke that traing ground
            just bicousei say ve ned more exp he ban me on chat


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              main quest and lop quest+ catacombs quest at hight level ghive only 30 -40% from ur level the rest in traing groun like a life u ned to stay there
              this game its a game of money u dont pay u are nobbb
              andits expexive that
              wiy u dont ghive up like i did today
              and go play a free game what dont eat ur money its beterits some game what u dont ned money for vip or some all freee


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                Please keep in mind that TG exp momentarily is very low yes, 230 exp per fight but it accumulates in long hrs. Afk whole night would bring decent exp as well as good amount of loop/guild quest scrolls.