the following links do require some understanding of computers as they may need to uninstall both the system and browser based flash players.... players that use the following information, so do at their own risk, R2 games is not responsible for any issues

if you have a mac computer....

Download and run our uninstaller:
Download and run the version 13 installer from:

If you have windows download the uninstaller

Download and run the version 13 installer from Player archives
look for the (Released 7/8/2014) Flash Player (149 MB)its part way down the page the file contains uninstallers for flash 13 and installers for the IE and non IE system and browsers ( players would need to remove the browser based flash as well ).....

if you are not sure how to uninstall browser based flash player, you can google it or wait until R2 games have resolved the issue with the recent flash player update