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Pet Skill Pack (S) chest gets you.........Nothing?!?

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  • Pet Skill Pack (S) chest gets you.........Nothing?!?

    I got a Pet Skill Pack chest from crafting an Arena Chest. It gave me a Pet Skill Pack chest, which dropped a "Miracle I" but somehow cannot find it in inventory or anywhere else. .

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    Since the Pet System isn't implemtent yet it is either lost or you will find it at the Pet Screen after the big patch that is coming soon
    I hope it is the l8er one.

    Caramon S1
    Proud leader of the Dragons


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      Let's just hope the skill will be available once the patch is released, otherwise maybe R2staff should make the chest unusable so other players don't open it and lose stuff :P


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        ya ive opened 3 or 4 of them as i had no idea what they did. i hope they arent lost....
        Turkey of S2.