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Skipping attacks

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  • Skipping attacks

    Sometimes when I fight in arena, I skip an attack or two. For example, I was fighting Dozier in the arena and his whole team attacks me, and then suddenly attacks again without any of my mercs or myself attacking. However, sometimes this only happens with single characters, for example my whole team attacks and then my main doesn't get to attack. This happens randomly and my enemy gets to attack while I miss a whole turn. My guildmates also noticed this while fighting. However, one time I wasn't able to attack at all. I missed 4 turns in a row while my opponent was attacking me the whole team, leaving him unscathed while all my characters starting at half health. I attacked him again and the same thing happened, and he had no invisibility talismans, I checked.

    -CritsNGiggles S4
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    S4 SkyLord

    I am also noticing this as well, not only in Arena and pvp in general but also in Cloudwinder. I thought at first that it could be lag and we were just missing the attacks but it's much more noticeable in pvp. I sat and watched as Fugi's entire team attacked me 2 times before I ever got to attack back and by then it was just too late as we are close in br and fighting power. and sometimes it does it more than just once in a battle if it's drawn out. Can't exactly show a SS of missing an entire turn so you'll have to test it out yourselves to see it.

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      It could be they have speed gems equipped. They don't add to BR, but they definitely make a difference.