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Matchup S3 and S11

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  • Matchup S3 and S11

    In what world is it fair to pair up a month old server like S3 with a new server like S11?

    Getting oneshot in 3v3 and 8v8.

    Should be paired up with servers max +2 or -2

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    i have to agree i mean i just got 1 shotted every time i moved in 8v8 and its almost enough to make me leave game :/ kind of a downer when u never get any sort of rewards for events


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      if u played any R2 games before its always like.. later on a new europe server will come along and they will say the same about S3 and S11 aswell.. so you just gotta ignore it and be patient.

      P.S. where are the 50 + guys from ur server? hurry up and lvl need some fresh meat!


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        Think about it mate how many people will rage quit from not getting rewards and other things? i mean i lost out on so may rewards cause we are simply out classed and i know people in the guild have left because of it, no offence but i wonder just how happy you would be if you were in the lower server?


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          trust me i know very well how you feel, i also played Wartune on server 335 ... always got my butt kicked... even in current SB since im only a 4 VIP but i lvled fast i often get murdered by ppl on my own server... but thats simply how it goes here :/ doubt they gonna change anything, they did it on over 500 servers on wartune and it works for them it seems


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            cross server is always like this. played wartune, LOA, etc, had my a** burned because we fought a team with 2-3x our BR.
            just relax and keep working hard. ull win eventually
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