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Lucky Draw

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  • Lucky Draw

    Hi everyone,
    I was looking at the new Lucky Draw and, in its description, it says "The first draw of each round is free. The rest cost 10 Diamonds each."
    But when I tried to draw all cards I spent 1400 diamonds and didn't even finish the whole panel.
    There are 20 cards. First is free, so 19 must be paied. 10 diamonds each = 190 diamonds.
    Why did I spend 1400 diamonds?
    I'm not a heavy casher so 1400 diamonds for me is a HUGE amount.
    BlackWidow s4.

  • #2
    There is an error in the description. what it meant to say was, 0 for first draw, an increase of 10 diamonds for each subsequent attempt.


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      Yeah but as it is wrong, I want my diamonds back, cause it literally says 10 diamonds each, so I had to spend 140-150 diamonds, not 1400..


      • #4
        Sadly, I think it will be very hard for them to reimbourse you.

        "Maybe" they can admit it was badly explained and give you the balance back, but in no way can they give you all diamonds back, cause what you won, you could have used.

        Actually though, even if you are in my guild, I would have to say that if you are not a HUGE casher like you say, you should have maybe payed more attention to the cost ? And check slowly ur diamonds go away and figure it out ? I'm sorry it happened to you and wish something could be done but except changing the warning to "Subsequent draws are 10 diamonds, increasing each time".. not sure...

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          I know and understand what you say.
          But what you say means: "Watch out! R2games is going to steal your money! Everytime you spend a single diamond watch out if they removed more diamonds then you expected!" cause this is what happened.
          The rules say "10 diamonds each", you trust them, and they steal your diamonds.

          I would prefer to be refunded at least 50% of my diamonds and ask them to change Lucky Draw rules..

          I'm not the only who got this problem!


          • #6
            I will get the description addressed... a screenshot showing the issue would have been appreciated, it helps me show a issue better
            Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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            • #7
              Here is a screenshot.
              Of course I can't send you screenshot with updated cost cause I don't have diamonds right now.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	luckydraw.png
Views:	1
Size:	636.6 KB
ID:	1693341


              • #8
                If you use the 10 Diamonds attempt the Cost: will change to 20.
                So only the description needs to be fixed.
                No screenshot for that. Sorry
                Last edited by truesatan; 08-18-2014, 02:23 AM.


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                  its ok, I will recharge and get the screenshots....
                  Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                  R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                  Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


                  • #10
                    Haha you can log in, in my account and recharge that :P
                    Then I will provide the screenshots in no time lol


                    • #11
                      that's correct, and if the first person had actually opened all cards they would have spent 1900 diamonds not 1400 lol. Love how people complain without actually getting all the details on it. The rewards in it are great especially since they keep getting bigger the more cards you flip. I just would have liked to have known about it being so much before wasting as many diamonds as I did on that first set lol. that way I could have planned and refreshed more to find the level 6 gems.
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