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Streamlined Suggestions Thread

This is a sticky topic.
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    1.using honor for creating in game stuff
    honor is usfull but i have been hording it for years and it can only upgrade player lvl
    thus no one is doing 8v8 anymore except a select few
    but if one was able to use honor to craft stuff needed like more stars or gems or shards or other ingame items it would be usfull thats will create competition and more player will show up for the 8v8 event

    2.daily shop items
    that thing need a serious items upgrade ability/skills
    the healing aura is this thing going to b implemented soon or it's just for show

    4.ARENA/starburst ORE
    *5/*6/ and *7 for event mercs that we use lots of $$$$$ to get and upgrade to MAX

    miniskull of S42


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        sending gifts/items for VIP10 players

        usually vip10 players have most of the items and spares and we can send items to the less furtunate players or trade with other VIP 10's

        and it will be fare and players wont use it to abuse the game cause most of the VIP10 players already got most of the stuff takes lots of $$$$ to get vip10

        2.more players will try to achive vip10

        3.more players will buy diamonds to get vip 10

        4.meaning more $$$$ for DEVS to fix this game already and give more stuff

        miniskull s42
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          another astral slot for lvl 90
          and 2 more slots for last level 100

          lvl 100 should look somthing like that
          Click image for larger version

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          miniskull of S42
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