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Cloudwinder L50 beaten at Lv 39!!!

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    Do all enemies have Charge Forth from now on? That talisman gives enemies a chance to stun after every crit. Kind of disastrous when enemy crit rate is 50%+!

    Originally posted by R2104619573 View Post
    what u r talking about 60 hard
    Actually, no. 55 is hard. I have to try that over and over and over and over again every day till I get real lucky.

    60 is downright impossible.
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      I'm sorry to say my Lv 39 run came to an unexpected end yesterday. I came home from a long day at work tired and hungry. Logged into game and accidentally clicked the Level Up button.

      So after all this time, that is how it ends.

      At the end, I was still nowhere near beating Lv 60 Cloudwinder.


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        Well Cloudwinder 60 was easy with 5 heroes. Got it on my first try. Not nearly so impressive as beating it at Lv 39 though imo.Click image for larger version

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          So it's literally been over a year since I've posted here. Since then, I've pushed all the way to Cloudwinder 70, which utterly massacres my team. Mount is at 9.10; mount elixir cost to advance to Lv 10 is so spectacular that an entire guild vault's row of mount elixirs was not enough to fill the bar even halfway!
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            lvl up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            :cool:(hardy$boy) server 73:cool:


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              Ok, I'm about a week-ish late to post this, but I've finally beaten Cloudwinder 70!!!!! Gems are a mixture of Lv 7 and Lv 8. Mounts is Lv 11.3. Mercenaries I used were Gunaak, Granada, Lunaria and Queen of Justice.

              I've managed to push through Cloudwinder 71 and 72 too, but 73 is too hard for now.


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                I finally did it usps liteblue!


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                  upgrade astrals since you have that much gold , lvl up get pets , marry and you will get cupid pet


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                    upgrade wings