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Confuse about sylphs

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  • Confuse about sylphs

    im a noob
    so im kinda confuse on how sylph works....
    i've seen archers who use gaia... which is a magic type sylph..
    wouldn't be the damage of the skill of gaia be low since archers doesn't have that high magic attack???

    can someone pls explain how sylph works


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    The sylph attacks use the highest attack of the character that uses them, converts it if needs be and adds their own attack to the total.

    So a 20K PATK knight and a 3K MATK sylph, in sylph form = a 23K MATK sylph.
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      I was wondering why I do some high damage with my Gaia. I did not think it simply down that I added stuff to my matk. I am playing as a knight and was leaving the guild the only way to spend Contribution was to increase my intelligent level.

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