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Question about Archers at WB

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  • Question about Archers at WB

    On my Archer (lv48), i follow this Chain (due to new WB Settings)

    1. Delphic
    2. Auto + Multi
    3. Auto + Arrow
    4. Auto + Multi
    5. Auto + Arrow
    6. Auto + Multi

    Sometimes, when it lags a bit, i use the Skill instantly without waiting for auto attack

    Now looking at this Forum, i see that most guides tell to use Delphic at the END, which is don't rlly understand since Delphic doesn't allow double-turn, so actually the first turn (where you dont do double anyway) would be the best + you build up rage for the next Round

    So is there something i don't know, like a special Reason to perform Delphic at the End? I thought of BP but i got it only at lv1 so not sure if it's rly worth?

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    It depends on your starting rage. If you start with 80 rage you can use Delphic straight away. If you start with 30 rage then unless Archer Delphic cost less you cannot use it and need to build rage. Default attack and Arrow will allow you to go rapidly if you time it correctly. I play mostly as a knight I do have a rubbish archer somewhere.

    Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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      AS then pressed autoattack let it attack then AS or MS to build rage
      then brutality delphic, AS, MS, AS it depends - first round

      Delphic - awaken - brutality - flash storm - delphic - jupiter's wrath - pressed autoattack it can attack 1 or 2 more.

      pressing autoattack can make u double attack