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Fast Levelers Guide to winning

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  • Fast Levelers Guide to winning

    Lets face it slow leveling isn't our speed we want to play the game with everything it has in it. Time is limited and we have or want a life( no offense to slow levelers)

    Here are the rules when you think about fast leveling

    1. Have your own mindset to get to level 80 don't listen to people complaining about your BRR. Remember most people leave game anyways after while if they just can't compete.

    2.After reaching level 70 you can do all mpd with no xp discounts. So basically you can do mpd by yourself

    3. Brr is overrated because low brr can clear most of the solo maps all the way up to 70 maps

    4. Someone is going to need your help in MPD when no one is around them

    5. At 80 you beat the game really. (You can say advance 80 but really an 80 is an 80)

    Okay now early stages of fast leveling your going to be the strongest or close to top ten.

    You have to manage your resources well. I have one 80 archer in some server some where weak brr but people respect it. I can even log in now and some people still not level 80. Now this new toon i am 72 turning 73 and i went past couple of my old servers I bull stuff around with and passed some of them.

    With fast leveling you never have to be stalled doing the same things over and over.

    Yes, BG are sometimes bad, but really who needs bg when you can have GB. You really don't know anyone from cross server anyways so why would you care.

    This guide isn't fully complete, but you will be happy with the result of fast leveling if you can do it. (Full guide coming soon)
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    wrong section put it in guild section. I thought i click that section


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      Moved it for you
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      and the dwarf name for her, K'ez'rek d'b'duz, translates to "Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain."

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        ty very much


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          I would like to see some requirements. right now it's just you saying "level fast".

          and what gear to get and stuff, cause some people don't just quit at 80, but wanna build a strong toon when they get there.

          So from back, you want 80 set, for that you need 70 set leg, what do you need to get it? 55 pvp gear most likly works, but 50 pve gear maybe more suiteble?

          Improve it with some actuall help instead of just saying "level fast"


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            no ideia how you can do lvl 70 nm mpd with 50k br but feel free to try and report it


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              Well we all know the best way to compete as fast leveler: MORE AND MORE BALENS/CASH!


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                you get like 100k+ br in like some weeks, becouse we get tones of SC, Whisp, Gems etc.

                Is not relly hard to get hige br engout for complete like LL Nm alone.

                My server is must only alts charter some builds now, and people speed lvl take thire main charter or just ask for rush them for LL Nm becouse must of the people can do all MP solo today.
                Is not any resone to stay slow lvl, becouse is alot of hige lvls people.

                But for a new server is can be good try keep speed lvl to up and try just complete 70 set etc. Many people today jump over both 50 60 pve set and just jump at 70 and 80.
                use SC Exchange events change some SC for Runestones and wait for runes events where you can exchange 240 runestones for yellow rune pack etc.

                And collect Rage, Chaos, Amesia and other runes some problie be need.
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                  Originally posted by rheasteer View Post
                  Well we all know the best way to compete as fast leveler: MORE AND MORE BALENS/CASH!
                  Not really. Level up quickly and then just benefit from full game aspect and gather your equipment.
                  By levelling up faster, you're earlier available to accomplish PvE aspects of the game and those aspects have more impact on your character development.