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  • Gems

    a neat little bit of math:

    If all you could get were lvl 1 gems, how many lvl 1 gems would you need to craft the maximum number of lvl 9 gems allowed by the game?

    Let's see. We'll work it backwards since I can't remember the formula.

    Lvl 9 = 1 Gem
    Lvl 8 = 4
    " 7 = 16
    " 6 = 64
    " 5 = 256
    " 4 = 1024
    " 3 = 4096
    " 2 = 16384
    Lvl 1 = 65536 gem to create ONE lvl 9 gem!

    Now multiply 65536 by 8 seperate items = 524288 gems.

    Finally, multiply THAT number by up to possibly 4 slots per item and you end up with 2,097,152 Level one gems that you would have to gather together in order to fashion your own max level 9 gems!

    Aren't you really glade that you can skip most of this through gifts, finding higher value gems, store options, awards, and even by Crafting - where you don't even need the gems to synthesis if you have the balens to cover it!

    Ah - the terrible mercies of Wartunes... brings a tear to me eye.

    or that may just be the glare from all these sparklies making me eyes water.

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    try again.. it doesnt take 4 gems to synth a lvl 8 or 9.


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      and lvl 9 is not the max too.there are lvl 10 lvl 11 and lvl 12


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