Lucky Draw Spin Tip

Don't blame me if you already know this or if they change it later. This is how it "seems" to work best for me.
Remember that you have to get used to the timing, and it may be off slightlly due to even a smidgen of lag.

1. Make sure you have at least 1 lucky draw attempt before you start! (yes, you know who I'm talking to. hehe)

2. Pick out which item you would like to try to be awarded.

3. Now, identify which item is perfectly across the wheel from it. This wheel seems to be a 'fixed' wheel, as in the items don't move around and switch places after each attempt.

So if your wheel looks like mine

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then if you selected the Soul Crystal as you item of YOUR choice, directly across from it is the key (actually straight across and to the clockwise side). This is important so remember this point.

4. Go counterclockwise from the Skeleton Key, you come to the Fashion Core. THIS IS THE ITEM YOU WANT TO CLICK WHEN IT IS HIGHLIGHTED!!

5. Click the SPIN button when the Fashion Core is highlighted.

6. Now watch as the highlight whirls around clockwise to land on the Soul Crystal! You Won!

*Special Note: this isn't exact, but works more often than not.

Guild Blessing Wheel!

This is more difficult, as it seems to keep changing up how it behaves. All I can say is that whatever you click on as the highlighted item, the wheel will either land close to this item, or all the way on the otherside of the wheel. Plus, the items change positions after each attempt.

If you know a better technique to scoring what you want more often than I do on this one, please feel free to let me know on here!

Mreow! Mreow! Prrr! Prrr! Prrr!