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[Guide]Wartune Damage and Defense Calculation Guide & Wartune Troops and Daru Earning

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    what are the earlier points for block&critic rates?

    and 1 more : if I use floating damage expander astral, does it increase my critical damage too?


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      u miss spelled daru alot


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        Originally posted by Dziastins View Post
        About damage i noticed in solo dungeon that if i equiped 864 p def astral if not enemy troops deal to me the same 180-220 of damage ( aegis major 160 reduce damage on) so i thought about this: say they have 4000 p atk and you have 4000 p def they still gona deal Minimum damage what they are written say 350 , So it doesnt matter if you gona increase your p def you wont reduce damage more of they minimal. And with some pvp there are strange damage calculation if p def astral on if not damage dont changes . So write that averange damage (attack-p def)/2 is not true. There are more tricks then simple formula.
        i guess he didnt consider it up
        i think the more suitable equation for it is the growth and decay formula exponential formula
        im sure you notice that if you exceed the enemy damge you still have damge for example you have 2000pdef and your enemy have 1000patk so applying the (attack-p def)/2
        will give you negative value which will turn an automatic zero but youll notice that its still damaging..

        most of created game use growth and decay formula exponential formula so even your so tough low level still damage on you around 1

        but mobs have skill special ability too like add damage (:


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          how much daru will it cost to get my templars from lvl 1-50?


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            Guide]Wartune Damage and Defense Calculation Guide & Wartune Troops and Daru Earning
            * Note: I am not the owner nor maker of this guide. But I just want to share this goodness to you guys. Thanks

            All credit goes to

            Wartune Damage and Defense Calculation Guide

            Getting higher damage and taking less damage is important in Wartune in various situations. In this Wartune guide, we will go over the various aspects of the game factors that affect your damage. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any additional thoughts or comments.

            Base Wartune Damage Calculation
            Below is the basic method of calculation for the basic damage that you can do in Wartune. These are the different factors in the game to calculate the basic attack damage.

            Average Wartune Damage
            Your damage will be a range centered around the damage. The formula is calculated as followed depending on physical or magical attacks.

            Average Wartune Damage = (Attack – Defense)/2

            Damage Range
            The damage range is about 10% below or above the average damage. This means that if you deal an attack to someone in Wartune. Your damage will range between 90% to 110% of the Wartune average damage output obtained from the step above.

            Minimum Damage Calculation
            However, when you have really high defense against the attacker. The attacker will still deal a minimum damage equal to 10% of their PATK or MATK.

            Level Difference and Damage Penalty
            When you attack someone the same level or higher than you, you will receive a 5% damage penalty. It means that you will do 5% less damage. Thus, you should always go after players who have lower level than you to get the full 100% Wartune damage output potential.

            Based on this damage formula for Wartune, for every 2 Attack or 2 Defense, you will deal or reduce damage by average of 1 point. However, because of the minimum damage taken into consideration, you will have to put points into health as well to overcome the minimum damage.

            Critical Rate Consideration
            The Critical stats in Wartune affect both the Critical damage as well as the rate of critical. To approximate the amount of damage based on Wartune Critical attacks. You can use the following approximation:

            For every 100 points in crit, you increase the crit chance by 3%. However, earlier points will increase your crit chance considerably more often.

            The critical damage starts at roughly 50% additional damage and move toward 75%~100% as more critical stats are added to your Wartune character. However, earlier points also make bigger influences in the Wartune critical damage.

            How About Block
            Blocking works in the similar fashion as the critical attack in Wartune. As you increase your block rating, you will improve the chance blocking as well the amount of damage blocked. We estimate every 100 points in block is 3%. In addition, the range of damage blocked is from 30%~70% depending on how many points that you have.

            Skill Damage Consideration
            Most of the skills can do more damage usually based on a certain percentage of your attack. However, some do a fixed point damage such as Knight’s intercept that does 1500 damage at level 2. Take advantage of these skills that do a good fixed point attack. They are especially important against players who have good defenses.

            Notes on Astral Equipping
            Because of how damage and defense rating is calculated in Wartune. It is recommended for you to use one of your Wartune astral slots for the Attack and Critical. However, as your level and equipment advances higher, typically past level 40~50 range, you will find the percentage increase astral begin to outshine the straight point counterparts. Remember to do experiment with your Astrals to achieve the maximum damage and reduce the damage taken.

            How to Gem to Achieve Maximum Damage
            To improve your damage rating, the Wartune gemming for damage is pretty straight forward. Go for ATK and Crit.

            Knight: PATK, Life, MDEF or Crit
            Archer: PATK, Crit, Life
            Mage: MATK, Crit, Life

            The rational behind this is that Archer and Mage can simply focus on their damage dealing capabilities. However, for knights MDEF is especially needed for crypt levels behind level 50.


            Wartune Troops and Daru Earning Guide

            Having strong troops in the game is essential to the overall battling capability of your Wartune hero. In this guide, we will go over all the factors revolving around your Wartune Troops. Use this guide to get the right troops for your Wartune hero and become the best in the game. Please share this guide with your Wartune and online friends if you have found it helpful and take a look at the rest of our Wartune guides designed to help you with the game.

            Wartune Troops Information and Upgrade Path
            Depending on the level of your Wartune Barracks, you can hire different kinds of troops for your Hero. Below is a list of these troops information. Depending on how strong your Hero is, you can upgrade less of these units and save even more Darus for next tier. When you level up to the next tier, make sure that you upgrade you barracks high enough to unlock the stronger Wartune units.

            Upgrading your troops become increasingly expensive in terms of Daru as you go up in level. Thus, it might be helpful when you are starting in a new server, to save up your Daru intead of upgrading the lower ranked units. Below I have listed some recommended

            Level 0: Lancers – Level 3~5 because you can switch to Hunter almost right away.
            Level 5: Hunters – Level 15~17
            Level 20: Priest (Magic) – Skip because Paladin is better
            Level 20: Paladins – Level 20~23, higher if your Hero is weak.
            Level 30: Gryphons – Level 25~35 (wider range because depends on your Hero’s power). These units have stun skill.
            Level 40: Knights – As high as possible. Great physical damage dealer with high defense.
            Level 40: Angel (Magic) – Magic damage and has restore skill. But sacrifice a turn for healing. If you are a knight with high defense angel might be helpful.

            Thoughts on Front, Center, or Back Position
            Depending on your relative damage to your troops, you should place them accordingly. For example, if your damage is about twice as much as your troops, you should place them in front of you in battles. Because you should almost always have a stronger hero than your troops, you should always place your troops before you. This way you will be able to gain additional Daro too from sacrificing them.

            Thus, the only situation where it makes sense to place your hero in front of your troops is when you have a pure defense hero. In addition, each of your troops must do more than half of your damage to make sense. Another situation is when you have upgraded Angel units and want to kill enemies with no health or units loss. Again we feel that any setup other than putting hero in the back is pointless.

            However, as you advance into the game toward level 25+. You will start putting your troops behind you as the enemies begin to take out your troops too fast. In most cases your main Hero will have greatly stronger defense than your troops.

            How to Make Wartune Troops Stronger
            There are mainly three methods of making your troops stronger in Wartune. The first is via Wartune Academy research upgrade. The second is through upgrading your Charisma rating. We will discuss both of these.

            You can check out the guide aimed at Wartune Academy for more information. You can boost the various combat ability of your troops, as well as your hero. However, the basic idea is that you should upgrade the units based on their physical or magic type. Another reason why I like to skip on Priest and Angel is that I can focus all my Attack upgrade on physical attack.

            The second way is to increase your charisma. Charisma affects troops counts which affect your troop’s health. The formula to calculate Wartune troop health is as followed:
            Base HP x (Troop Count/200). Based on this formula, you double your troop’s health points for every 400 additional charisma that you can get.

            Below are the list of ways for you to get additional Charisma:
            1. Guild Skill
            2. Equipment Random Stats
            3. Academy Research
            4. Wartune Astral
            5. Wartune Charisma Gem
            6. Charisma Potion from Shop and Crypt Shop

            The last way is to get enough Daro to upgrade your Wartune troops.

            How to Get more Wartune Daru
            Daro are very important in the game to make your Wartune troops stronger. Below we will list out all the major ways of obtaining Wartune Daro to upgrade your troops.

            1. Arena Battle Ranking Reward
            By ranking higher in Wartune arena, you can claim some really sweet Daro rewards.

            2. Map Clearing Rewards
            When you clear the stages in the map, you will earn a really nice reward. Remember to claim them from your Wartune mailbox. This is especially useful at the beginning of the game.

            3. Wartune World Boss fights
            Boss fights can grant you quite a bit of Daro if you are high enough to deal decent damage.

            4. Tomb Searching
            Tombs in either solo dungeon and multi dungeons are great way of getting more Daro. Do not think those are a waste of time. Search all the tombs for Daro to upgrade your Wartune troops.

            5. Wartune Farming
            You can place different seeds to get Daro in Wartune. You can check out the farming guide from the link.

            6. Wild Monster Hunting
            This method is a little time consuming, you can hunt the random monster on the Wild Map section of the game. Sometimes these monsters will drop Daro pearls that you can use for 1k Wartune daro.

            7. Troop Death
            Now when your troops die naturally from battle, you will gain Daro to the ratio of 1:1. You can simply play naturally and let the troop count build up. However, you can intentionally get your troops killed to rack up your Daro points fast. This is especially useful for the never ending catacomb. However, if you want to use this method, use your weakest unit such as the Lancer because they are cheaper to recruit.

            8. Recruiting and Disbanding Troops
            Now if you have lots of Gold to spare, this may work for you but it is highly insufficient.

            9. Level 30 Multiplayer Dungeon – Graveyard
            The level 30 multi player dungeon is a good source of Daro. They generate either 7500 or 15000 per graveyard. You can get at least 22500 and if you are luck you can get up to 45000 Daro per run. At 5 runs a day you can potentially make 100k worth of Daro from the dungeon run.

            10. Purchasing the Balen
            It may be implemented in the future or at the time of writing. You will be able to purchase Daro directly using money.

            - Ill update this guide anytime soon and put some pics to make it better -