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  • Dragon Invasion BR

    My BR is clearly way to low to try this. My question is what BR is the minimum you think to be able to do dragon invasion?

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    We did 1 floor with a guild run yesterday(we are the smallest active guild on our server).

    125k archer, 150k mage, 170k mage and 155k knight.

    we did 1 almost 2 floors. But then you should remember Knight is EWD, 170k mage EWD, Mage have way to low crit value. So out dmg output was low low.

    I tell my guildy this:

    To beat first floor 150k average, second 155k, 3rd 165k, if you beat 3rd, you often beat 4th.


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      maybe a bit more for stage 4, my team had average 180k+ i think to beat stage 4.

      Maybe br wise you're ok, but it has to be done by 4 players. Bosses use a 1 hit ko attack and if you all die you have to start over again. 3 ppl might be possible but its hard.

      When it comes to br, tho it's more about hp and atk, i think Jkloser is close, tho the increase of br might be with 10k instead of 5 per stage.


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        Not past stage 5 yet with team over 200k BR . Not sure how much BR is needed for this stage.

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        Guild Name: Legends

        Class : Archer


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          Originally posted by DreamFrenzy View Post
          Not past stage 5 yet with team over 200k BR . Not sure how much BR is needed for this stage.
          You should be close to it
          A tip: enter the stage with full awakening, have archer cast inc, rest goes awakening and mages wait 1 or 2 turns then they should use resto on tank and than awaken.
          Dont forget to take scatter/purge rune


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            In my experience, and the team i do DI with..

            mage around 130k br (crit), second mage with 160k br (crit), archer with 130k and a knight with 140k (ewd)

            First we go suicide run, just to get rage and sylph up..
            Knight uses Triton, and mage's try to keep the knight alive.

            Like this we can do 2 bosses now.