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Help with mage astra build

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  • Help with mage astra build

    Hi all
    im lvl 70 with 100kbr with EWD build as follow:

    sacred pisces(+matk , +pen)
    holy mysticality(+matk)
    holy willpower(+mdef)
    Holy brilliance(+hp)
    holy fortitude(+pdef)
    Refined goddness blessing(reduce damge)
    Enchance Illssion(dodging damage)
    enchanced will destoryer(disable cri increase atk)

    im thinking to change it critical build as follow

    sacred pisces(+matk , +pen)
    holy mysticality(+matk)
    holy willpower(+mdef)
    Holy brilliance(+hp)
    holy fortitude(+pdef)
    Refined goddness blessing(reduce damge)
    Enchanced determination(increase critical damage)
    Sniper edge(+critical)

    my question is should i dump EWD(lvl 6) and put it into determination and sniper edge(both lvl 5)
    i also saw some use Enshieldment(+block) instead of Holy brilliance(+hp)...
    i just need advice of what astra is req and if my above set up is correct..

    thx for helping

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    i assume your determination is yellow and not purple right?
    It's best to put your ewd into your determination. Besides switching astrals, you might also want to put on some crit gems.

    What's your current hp and what is your level of brilliance and illusion?

    Block is at higher br more useful than that bit of hp imo. But if you are a bit low on hp, you might want to stick on hp for now. Illusion is also nice if it's atleast lv 5+, if not don't both using it (do save it for when you did adv class and you can refine astral slots).


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      Thx for your help fenrir67.
      Yes my determination is orange.
      my hp is approx 93000 with 8 x hp gems slot.

      lvl of astro is as follow:
      sacred pisces(lvl 7)
      holy mysticality(lvl 6)
      holy willpower(lvl 6)
      Holy brilliance(lvl 5)
      holy fortitude(lvl 5)
      Refined goddness blessing(lvl 5)
      Enchanced determination(lvl 5)
      Sniper edge(lvl 5)
      Illusion (lvl5)
      EWD(lvl 6)

      as for gems slot.. which of the 3(mdef,pdef,hp) should i exchange for critical gem?
      my critical stats is pretty low at the moment 739(without sniper edge and critical gems)


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        keep hp for now then.

        i woudlnt really choose to replace 1 kind of gem, i kinda divided it a bit amonst all gems. Depending on your playstyle you might divide it differently. for PVP you want to keep def, and lower hp, but for pve you might want to keep hp and replace a bit more def.

        also some advice: try upgrading your % astrals first, a higher level ewd/determination is better than a higher lv of matk. The difference is much higher.
        Also pisces give quite low matk, so you might want to upgrade mysticality first than pisces


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          hp astral is only good for fluffy br in my opinion, you can do better without it. As for going crit mage.... u can juggle your gems, take out 1 pdef, 1 mdef like that back and forth or take out some hp gem, but thats not adviseable. fenrir67 said it well..... increase your determination astral first because when you crit, it will make the damage even larger, especially at world boss, which will give more gold for astrals

          also, what is your honor rank? Imperial commander or Lord Divine is desirable before switching to crit mage. And don't forget to refine your gear, but u might want to save all your refine crystals for level 80 because wwe dont get much to recycle to refine it

          p.s. you can always just save your crit stuff (gems / det and snipers edge) just for wb. you can switch it all out before and after wb and stay ewd mage until you are ready to go full head first into crit mage
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            As Banshee said, definately try for I.C. medallion or above if you are going crit.
            Also, dump that HP astral. Go block.
            Lvl 80 Crit Mage, 298K BR, Aegis ***** G.M. Hells-Gate