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SC gem whip event guide

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  • SC gem whip event guide

    Do not engrave your SC

    for those who already have soulmate title and maxed mount, please disregard this guide

    open for criticise, just an idea

    in the last whip event,

    train mount 5 times, reward : 1 whip , 20 SC (equivalent to 4 whips), lv1-3 gem pack *2

    so from last event, we basically train our mount for free if we exchange for whip in the SC event

    my idea is, do not engrave your SC , exchange it to whip, coz if u use the SC ,u don't get them back

    so you just exchange all SC into whip, and build up your whips (we train mount for free)

    and this will help u get high level mounts faster.

    what happen after u maxed your mount?

    then you should have enough SC to get your soulmate in 1 shot


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    While this is an interesting concept, you do notice the pattern of events that one leads into the other for when it comes to soul crystals, whips, and gem events and that by one doing one you hurt yourself in the other two events.
    Server: R2 S168
    Guild: Fallen
    Character Name: Cera
    Class: Mage
    Level: 80


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      some things you see wrong:
      1. the sc engrave event usually give sc in return and give gem packs, when later you get whips from the gem event (as stated above)
      2. only one time did a whip event gave 20 sc per 5 whips, usually it's 5 sc per 5 whips, meaning you can't speak from a real trend here.
      3. the value of upgrading your soul engraving isn't constant, meaning it gives higher % at higher level and it gives more stats at higher level gems. meaning that the br gained from whips could be lower than a level of soul engraving.

      isn't it a bit short to call this a guide btw?:P

      you do make a point that in lst whip event you kinda played out with exchanging sc for whips but i wouldn't focus on 1 aspect as it lowers your current br compared to others. another risk is the future of soul engraving events. what will happen with these events once advance soul engraving comes


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        Plus the stable mounts that you get don't give stats until you are able to use the hooves and it is better to balance and gain br through out the month instead just dumping into one thing until it's maxed.
        Server: R2 S168
        Guild: Fallen
        Character Name: Cera
        Class: Mage
        Level: 80


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          You don't need to lower your soul engrave to max mounts.

          Really, having maxed mount stables is much MUCH worse than having a maxed soul engrave.
          Because it is much harder to get a new mount (as Iam a non casher) to make training level higher
          and once you exchange sc for whips, there's no way to exchange whips for something else.
          atleast until they allow it to be exchanged someday.

          Until then, you should always max your engraving soul.
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            Hey Phar. what the ******* guide. is this a short guide? are you trying to guide us? or trying to teach us how to save Letters/or making short guide?