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Guide for all the Newbies out there!

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  • Guide for all the Newbies out there!

    Don't start playing.

    Well, you can if you want to, but you're never gonna get anywhere.
    There are floods of slow levellers and campers in every bracket of BG. Carting isn't only hard, but getting impossible now.
    The events are being redesigned for level 80 players that have been playing for a long time. Even if you rush and get to 80, you'll probably still only have level 4 stables, level 6-7 gems and I highly doubt you'll manage max soul crystal level.

    This game is now only for those that have been playing for a decent amount of time. (5+ months).
    Anyone who started before that isn't just gonna have a hard time, but is gonna have a stressful time trying to get higher ranks.

    If you're going to cash hard, or over average, then you can maybe consider starting. But first, you should really think about if you're willing to put that kind of money into the game.
    The way it is now, 2000-4000 balens a month wont help you enough.
    10,000 a month can get you into an average BR, and 18-20,000 will get you above average.

    I don't blame R2 for what they're doing with the events, as there are a lot more with maxed stables than there are now without.
    Same goes for SC's.

    ~ TheOldWiseOne

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    This is on point. I remember when wartune was a fun game to play even if you didn't cash or you weren't an old player. Now though, you either start today and never be good until old players leave, or you cash 20000$ and can compete. Otherwise, you're a punching bag and cannot climb the ranks. No group wants you cause you are the punching bag. Why would you boost the punching bag so they have a better chance to beat you?
    I need a hammer to whack the BG nutcases.


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      Yeesh, I remember when they fixed this by opening a new server every couple months so everyone would reset. You still couldnt compete with the people willing to pay money, but in general it was dropping say, 20 bucks for the wings and the gear set that lasted till 40 or so. You didnt need to purchase tens of thousands of balens or anything like that. And unless hundreds of people paid you could still get pretty high on the battle rankings. I think I managed to stay in the top 50-100 without paying on a new server so long as I kept playing and didnt get outleveled, the top 5 if I did pay. (Only did that once)


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        To the OP, why simply point the finger at Wartune? This holds true for all of these types of games out there.
        Sorry, but you are NEVER going to find these kinds of games worth your time if you're looking for a fun & challenging game where the competition is reasonably fair. Game balance does not exist in these games for the simple fact that these companies make games such as this for one purpose and one purpose alone: To coerce players to both spend money and invest massive amounts of time in them so that they are less likely to leave the game for something else. Stick to playing Call of Duty or similar games on Playstation or Xbox where only playing time experience is a factor in how well or poor you do against other players.

        I don't know whether to call them stupid, egomaniacs, guilty of lacking common sense, or all of the aforementioned, but obviously a very large majority of these players spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every month on these "games". If this were not the case, these game companies would have long ago abandoned free-to-play and went back to a subscription charge. Unfortunately, the way all of these free-to-play games are set up, they will for the most part be a bigger money maker simply due to human nature. Players in general do not like to lose, lack patience, and or always want to be the biggest, strongest, etc. I do not play the game to be number one and dominate everyone else, so I do get some enjoyment out of Wartune.

        My biggest gripe is they do not put much effort into balancing these games. The idea that someone wins over another player in a "game" because they drop $1,000 on it compared to someone else who spent a fraction of that amount is simply ludicrous. It just ruins the spirit of the game and turns it into a "Who's willing to throw away the most cash".


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          how to get the gift pack codes?


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            If you're a new3ie who want to play without cash, there things you need to know. Fast leveling and join the biggest and strongest guild in the server. If you can't then atleast 2nd or 3rd strongest.
            Benefits or Advantages of non-ever cash: We don't lose any money
            Disadvantages: We lose time..
            Heroes Evolved