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  • Help with my question please

    Hi sorry wanted to know about sylph have blank as it passes do green, blue or etc?

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    I do not really understand the question. If you are asking can a white sylph be upgraded the answer is yes. With Mahra any sylph can be upgraded. Orange is the maximum at the moment though. if this does not answer your question can you explain a bit better so I or another can try to help you please?
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      I have a white sylph like I can do green or blue
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        Its like what the mentor said, mahra is used to upgrade your sylph from white to green to blue to purple then to orange
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          you can make it higher ranking by using mahra. the color system is similar to equipment: white -> green -> blue -> purple -> orange.
          Before you can make it to the nxt color you have to get 5 stars on your sylph (these come with upgrading by mahra) so after 5 star white you get 1 star green, keep upgrading to 5 star green you get 1 star blue etc.