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Archer questions for world boss

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  • Archer questions for world boss

    My wife and i play this game and enjoy it quite a bit. When it comes to world boss she is happy with her sylph round damage... but not so much with her non sylph round. Her top sylph damage round is 633k... where non sylph is 311k (with avg non sylph being approx 240k with the 20 stack inspire). Her toon is lvl 80 with access to any of the skills/talents and approx 200k BR at current

    Her typical rotation involves Delphic sniper, multi shot, arrow shot and deep freeze (with also use of brutality rune prior to delphic).

    Any help, suggestions, etc for which skills to use, in which order (also talents used with them) would be greatly appreciated

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    if i was an archer i will use more Armor piercer example the delphic consume 80 rage reload hard and let say you hit 240k Critical Armour pierce consumes 35 rage and can crit 100k+depend on your sts can hit ex 200k+ per round using 35 rage with a rage rune you can use more times armour piercer it reload fast and make more dmg then delphic sniper..


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      depending on your initial rage I would try straight ap arrow ap arrow if you have a rage rune use it after 2nd attack do not deviate from this attack and keep track of your damage . see where your damage ends up