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[Guide] Group Arena Components (simplified)

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  • [Guide] Group Arena Components (simplified)

    Firstly I would like to say, I've tried to make this as simple as I could, so any beginner can open this and know what I'm talking about

    At level 16, an NPC Elise in Cloud City will become available. She's located at the bottom of the steps you are generally loaded onto when you first log in.

    Click image for larger version

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    Group Arena however, opens at level 22, which is what we're more interested in

    Visiting Elise between (server) hours of 1200-1359 and 1800-1959, will allow you to participate. The first 15 attempts you run, you will gain League Insignia, League Points, PvP points and Insignia. These are the 4 ultimate components of Group Arena (GA), where the first 2 mentioned are only gained through GA thus far.

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    You're welcome to continue running more than the 15 attempts to help others out, but you will not gain any rewards of any kind. Just warm fuzzies from your fellow players

    With this in mind, here are, as the guide states, a run down of each GA component.

    League Points:

    These are given determined by your group rank vs the group you are facing. I won't go into detail here, but all you need to know, is there are 4 groups. You're auto ranked into each group determined by how many points are earned through GA

    Iron is the lowest. All you need to do to be part of this group, is to participate in GA at least once that week.

    Silver Click image for larger version

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    Gold Click image for larger version

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    Diamond Click image for larger version

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    These are reset each week, at which time you will receive an inbox message saying which group you are in, and how many League Insignia have been rewarded to you. As you could imagine, the higher the group you finish the week in, the more League Insignia you are rewarded.

    League Insignia:

    This is not a physical 'item'. The amount you have, is only stated in the bottom of the Arena Shop in the First Tab. You need to spend these before the end of the month, when they reset. (Take note there are 2 pages)

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    PvP Points:

    These can be acquired through both GA and Battlegrounds. The only way to see where you rank at the moment, is by opening the Battleground Screen (when available).

    These Points too are reset at the end of the week, however there is a button (Cross Server Rewards) that appears up the top of the screen when the rewards are claimable. You need a minimum of 1000 PvP points to gain the 'Warriors Mark'. This chest contains a 'Mount Spirit' and a random item (that's 2 items total).


    These are the most easiest items to be obtained of the four. Not only can you gain in GA, but also from Battlegrounds, Guild Battle, Farm, and other places. These items can stack to 9999 in your inventory (before taking up another space), and can be spent in the other 3 tabs in Arena Shop.

    Click image for larger version

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    I hope this has cleared a bit of confusion about items now gained in 4 v 4 Arena. As far as matching and such goes, we (as mentors) are not given formulae. My go to player guide is posted here, if you would like the most accurate guide I've seen yet (by experience).
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