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[Guide] Browser Setup Guide (Also known as anti-lag precautions)

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    Good tips .. but I had not found what I can see on my computer.

    Has anybody found any explanation to used memory growth? Any way to avoid it? (Other than restart the browser every half hour)

    Good luck



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      google chrome

      but how to fix lag problem if use google chrome?


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        Originally posted by duestereLegende View Post
        thats stupid.. what had html/java cache with flash to do? lol

        when you (wartune) had too small connection interface on your servers and to low RAM capacity its clear why we all have every day some big lags
        1000+ players on 1 server at the same time is a hard challange, but not impossible -.-

        i have an intel quad, 2700K with 5GHZ processor, 32GB DDR3 Ram and 64Bit System, nvidea Geforce 680 and a 100MBit connection / 12 ping
        also its only YOUR SERVERtechnologie that makes for all the big lags
        your system does matter, BUT it would cost you alot, tweaking your browser is much simpler and it would reduce some significant lag


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          ogawd thanks for this!!


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            Por que hay demaciado lag, pero mi navegador es Chrone y tan solo pensar en mazmorras se ve ridÃ*culo que siempre lo termine actualizando.


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              lag is from their end not yours


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                no man this site is not block maybe i think in ur Dubai Computer can have might some problem for it so that u cant or use other LENOVA or etc Computer that's better performers
                ....................this game is really good and if u have interest tha nu can start to play it will teach u everything in starting and u will get understand also ...cuz i m also new here and now i know more than older player - S35- AVG193;


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                  i see alot of people say to deselect Enable hardware acceleration why tho?
                  as for i can see on people reviews on it on the web it really does help alot but for some reason alot of wartune players turn it if why is it so bad to make our video card help flash to load things faster? just wandering
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                    Just started playing Heroes of the Banner, first browser game really. Had major lag with one aoe spell.
                    Followed the guide and now works fine.
                    Great advice, thanks.


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                      Use Maxthon Browser its a browser design for browser base game
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                        i cant log in in server oceanic idk what happen with my IP addres they said server is busy and The connection has timed out, can any 1 explain about this problem please help me

                        my acc in server 558, Character Mage, Colombus