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Garden Of Death (GOD) Guide

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  • terayaki2
    started a topic Garden Of Death (GOD) Guide

    Garden Of Death (GOD) Guide

    hi , as i can see theres lot of ppl have hard time in GOD ... so here the guide , stat , astral , team , formation and skill that might be helpful to you guys to finish GOD we do it our way and thnx to them+our team work , we got no problem against GOD now ... if this thread active imma add more guide to make ur GOD run easier , question asked and answered here

    Credit to :

    OumaShu - Mage (S1 Temple Of Ibalize)
    GarterGirl - Warrior (S1 Temple Of Ibalize)
    Stelly - Warrior (S1 Temple Of Ibalize)

    and here is the page link for detailed guide in GOD run if u guys never enter it or pass 1st map yet

    1.first of all in GOD u need a high def esp for tank both pdef and mdef , and mage need 7k mdef at least ... only front now need pdef , middle and back row just stack mdef .. mage must be tanky a little against matk since u guys need to become warrior/archer nanny

    here an example from my team stat

    and this one is our front tank astral

    and our middle tank/mage astral ( u can change pdef astral to hp/dodge/block pdef useless against last boss for mid and back row)

    2.u need a good skill tree for GOD run

    mage (free user) would be a lil hard , but i used to use this skill tree and pass it , but a little risky

    mage (support)

    mage (damage)

    warrior (mix)

    3.for my team , we go with 2 mage and 2 tank ... for an early till before last boss we go for all damaging skill except 1 mage go for full support ..
    and the formaiton we use is 2-1-1 (2 mage-1 warrior-1 warrior)

    here goes for the 1st map run peeps ..

    this lizard mobs , they use bleed skill after their first turn , so get ready to use purification mage

    u can choose to do lairs or not , from what Ouma says the drop is only L6 luck stone , lvl3 exp book and lvl4 endu pot

    The first boss will bleed 2k each round on you. Those mob lizard will also make 1k bleed. They can put the stat -40% pdef and speed -150% on all member on your team so it the mage job to purification and heal while your knight or archer kill the boss.
    NOTE : ( archer scatter shot not working except to remove its bound damage )

    And now ... 2nd map run , for a healer/support mage , u can change purification to meteor since 2nd map dont have bleeding skill

    this is the picture of mobs in 2nd map , the one we fight in the picture is at tomb , there are 6 of em , if the one lurking around only 3 of em ...
    try to kill them asap because these mobs use AOE for 2nd turn , 6 of em , 6 AOE rewards from tomb is 20k,25l,30k daru (if ur lucky)

    start from this boss , u need a really hard tank ... this boss hit like a truck sometimes ... 6-7k on our 8k pdef tank ..
    This boss is normal boss so no bleed or debuff on you, purification not require in this battle. When get in battle, kill all those 4 around him to get them out of the way then focus on boss. Boss can put shield reflect damgae 30%, damage recieve shield -30% . if theres an archer , u know what to do ... archer debuff skill works on this boss
    NOTE : dont put 2 tank at front , since it will hammer everyone on front row , just like mage delphic (80rage)

    Last one is 3rd map , this is where most ppl fail to finish their GOD run ..

    easy mobs , so i skip to last boss ... this is where u need 2 full support/heavy healer and heavy tank ! remember for middle and back lane
    u need to STACK MDEF

    we leave the damaging to warrior mostly , me and Ouma just heal when its necessary , 1 of us start the battle with suntoria and another mage build up rage ... when the boss use rebound damage , get ready to use purification mage because bleeding coming next for 2 ppl ... or else u lose 4k hp and 4k hp can avoid u from dying ...

    after u guys get through it , mage gotta use Blessed Light and another mage get ready to use blessed light after another 2 boss spawned , and for warrior , before the main boss have half hp left from last bar , use delphic so u guys wont fight 3 of boss at same time , if its not die yet finish it with whirlwind and ultimate slash

    and remember after u guys kill the main boss , 2 newly spawned boss have their specialities too , 1 with high mdef and 1 with high pdef , both of these mob can boost: +40% attack damage, speed +150%, and 1k heal each round ... but their damage was halves from the main one and no more bleeding ... their AOE will still proc only half damage from the main boss , but when both AOE its still the same damage ... mages , ur job is keep sunto , restore and blessed light when u have enough rage ... communicate with each other so u wont do any mistakes

    Good Luck to you guys , hope this guide were helpful
    Last edited by terayaki2; 10-26-2012, 09:01 AM.

  • terayaki2
    pve set works well here , for mage tho ... i havent run much with archer , but deep freeze help a lot to make less AOE ... our tank will shield themselves when mage wanna rage up so we can Blessed Light or other heal ...
    others already stated above

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  • onimad
    it will be a long fight for free user. my advise is using set 40s for mage for full support. while take 1 knight to be tank. and 1 archer to scatter and deepfreeze.
    stats mdeff n hp up. just to survive the aoe and bleeding.
    communication is critical here.. u don't want to puri or heal at same time. take turn so the other can recharge rage.

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  • terayaki2
    kinda , but there is a skill build tree for free user , i used it to pass through GOD before i buy double skill ...
    and free user coulda reach 7k mdef easy , for mage ... there is a team with 3 mage and 1 archer from my server and 3 archer with 1 mage in S3 ... idk about other , but from S1 everyone pass GOD only ppl run with cash user and as u can see this dungeon extremely hard for certain ppl ... i will try go run with free user tomorrow and see how its going

    here some example for mage

    Last edited by terayaki2; 10-25-2012, 06:45 PM.

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  • onimad
    this guide is for balen user?

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  • terayaki2
    err idk how that most bottom attachement stuck there , just ignore it ... that tree skill for free user lvl45-50 dungeon

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