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Wartune Honor Level and Titles

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  • Wartune Honor Level and Titles

    Based on the amount of Wartune battlegrounds honor points that you have earned, you will have different honor titles. You will be able to purchase and equip different honor gears depending on the amount of honor levels. Below is the level list of Wartune battlegrounds honor ranking. The gears can be purchased with Insignias in the arena shop.

    lvl 1 : Commoner
    lvl 2 : Private (need 2000 honor)
    lvl 3 : Champion (4000)
    lvl 4 : Warrior (6000)
    lvl 5 : Elite Warrior (8000)
    lvl 6 : Crusader (10000)
    lvl 7 : Knight Crusader (12000)
    lvl 8 : Elite Crusader (14000)
    lvl 9 : High Commander (16000)
    lvl 10: Imperial Commander (18000)
    lvl 11: Lord Divine (20000)
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    You need to fix the honor amount for the titles since its very unaccurate.


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      only right for commoner-private.
      check this :


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        Please dont post inaccurate info.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune_g_honorrank0919.jpg
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          I am apologize to post this info which was inaccurate. I found a website where they posted that info. Since i didn't found any topic regarding this so i thought it would be nice to share with you all. Thanks for make it correction.


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            we already have it in wartune r2 official website. if only you took time to search in r2 site before others...


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              i just want ask, if i'm crusader then i've been kill so many time, can my honor deducted until it's zero? Thanks


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                Originally posted by R26681039 View Post
                i just want ask, if i'm crusader then i've been kill so many time, can my honor deducted until it's zero? Thanks
                u will lost ur title i u wont lost any honor after drop to elite warrior


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