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Farm guide

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  • Bo_Didley
    started a topic Farm guide

    Farm guide

    This is guide based on some observation during my playing and pesking some other players on my server - most (read all) of my guildmates, IICHII, Herne, Czardas, Perzefona, Gippal - big thanks aaaand special thanks for one, just one GM for being moral support (he knows who I'm talking about ).

    Farm option appears at Lvl 11 in your right corner just outside your town and looks like ... well farm.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Farm pic.jpg
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ID:	1733316

    First I'm going to explain your farm screen and icons that appear on it.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Farm Screen.jpg
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ID:	1733317

    Btw notice that farm screen is only place where you can see immediately your gold, kyanite, daru, balens and vouchers. On upper right corner you have your profile icon with Farm lvl and bar that indicates farm exp. Right below that icon you can see your Growth Record and Farm Help icon.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	farmscreenupperrightcorner.gif
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Size:	29.7 KB
ID:	1733318

    Record actualy collects all that happened on your farm i.e. xxx helped you weed, exterminate, energize and revive. Farm record can keep up to 200 entries and resets daily at the same time your Tree of Ancients resets (big tree with strange icon and clock going backwards, bar on it indicates energize).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ToA.gif
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Size:	61.2 KB
ID:	1733319

    In the middle of the screen is your farm with landmark that says „Land Upgrade“ that we'll explain later.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	upgrade.gif
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Size:	21.8 KB
ID:	1733324

    Little house is Farm Shop where you can buy seeds and see what you'll get on next farm lvl (every 5th farm level brings next set of seeds). Seeds can be bought by clicking on farm shop or blank farm plot.
    In the middle of right farm screen border is Friends button that toggles friend list on/off. Btw on friend list beside name of friend you can see exactly what can be done on his/hers farm by seeing one of these icons:Click image for larger version

Name:	weeding.gif
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Size:	3.4 KB
ID:	1733325 weed , Click image for larger version

Name:	bugsextermination.gif
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Size:	3.2 KB
ID:	1733326exterminate , Click image for larger version

Name:	revive.gif
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Size:	1.8 KB
ID:	1733320 revive , Click image for larger version

Name:	collecting.gif
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Size:	3.2 KB
ID:	1733327collect Click image for larger version

Name:	energie.gif
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Size:	3.6 KB
ID:	1733328energize.
    These icons appear on your farm and on your friends farm but the one icon you can only see on your farm is harvest. This icon appears once you fill energize bar on your Tree of Ancients and is Click image for larger version

Name:	harvesting_a.gif
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Size:	3.6 KB
ID:	1733322 but at harvest time switches to Click image for larger version

Name:	harvesting.gif
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Size:	3.5 KB
ID:	1733323

    Weeding and exterminating appears randomly and on random plots but always goes in pairs (this means you'll always get 2 weedings and 2 exterminations). Energize appears only 1 time in a 24 h.

    If you click on planted crop you have two options either dig it up or speed it up by 50%.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	speed up.gif
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ID:	1733329

    Digging up crop is free, but speeding up uses balens, depending on time remaining consumes 2-5 balens per speeding up and you can do this as many times as you want.

    I. Farm plots
    You start with 3 open farm plots. During weeding, bug extermination, reviving plants and energizing Tree of Ancients you get farm experience which upgrades your farm level. You can only get to farm level equal to your own ingame level.
    Farm plots available at farm lvl:4 plot at farm level 5; 5 plot at Lvl 10; 6 plot at Lvl 15; 7 plot at lvl 20; 8 plot at Lvl 25; 9 plot at Lvl 30; 10 plot at farm level (ask GM)

    II. Seeds
    These seeds can be obtained from your Farm shop but VIP users can get even voucher and victory (insignia) seeds from VIP wheel of fortune. But here I'm going to mention only Seeds obtainable from Farm Shop

    Farm lvl Name of seed h to maturity Production Cost
    50 (L3) Elite Leveler's Seed 12h 70000 exp. 60 b
    50 (L3) Superior Leveler's Seed 4h 28000 exp. 20 b
    50 (L3) Leveler's Seed 1h 8400 exp. 5 b
    45 (L3) Elite Kyanite Seed 12h 10000 kyan. 60 b
    45 (L3) Superior Kyanite Seed 4h 4000 kyan. 20 b
    45 (L3) Kyanite Seed 1h 1200 kyan. 5 b
    40 (L3) Ultimate Daru Seed 12h 30000 daru 60 b
    40 (L3) Superior Daru Seed 4h 12000 daru 20 b
    40 (L3) Daru Seed 1h 3600 daru 5 b
    35 (L3) Ultimate Gold Seed 12h 50000 gold 60 b
    35 (L3) Superior Gold Seed 4h 20000 gold 20 b
    35 (L3) Gold Seed 1h 6000 gold 5 b
    30 (L2) Elite Leveler's Seed 12h 52500 exp. 45 b
    30 (L2) Superior Leveler's Seed 4h 21000 exp. 3000 g
    30 (L2) Leveler's Seed 1h 6300 exp. 900 g
    25 (L2) Elite Kyanite Seed 12h 7500 kyan. 45 b
    25 (L2) Superior Kyanite Seed 4h 3000 kyan. 3000 g
    25 (L2) Kyanite Seed 1h 900 kyan. 900 g
    20 (L2) Ultimate Daru Seed 12h 22500 daru 45 b
    20 (L2) Superior Daru Seed 4h 9000 daru 3000 g
    20 (L2) Daru Seed 1h 2700 daru 900 g
    15 (L2) Ultimate Gold Seed 12h 37500 gold 45 b
    15 (L2) Superior Gold Seed 4h 15000 gold 3000 g
    15 (L2) Gold Seed 1h 4500 gold 900 g
    10 (L1) Elite Leveler's Seed 12h 35000 exp. 30 b
    10 (L1) Superior Leveler's Seed 4h 14000 exp. 2000 g
    10 (L1) Leveler's Seed 1h 4200 exp. 600 g
    5 (L1) Elite Kyanite Seed 12h 5000 kyan. 30 b
    5 (L1) Superior Kyanite Seed 4h 2000 kyan. 2000 g
    5 (L1) Kyanite Seed 1h 600 kyan. 600 g
    1 (L1) Ultimate Daru Seed 12h 15000 daru 30 b
    1 (L1) Superior Daru Seed 4h 6000 daru 2000 g
    1 (L1) Daru Seed 1h 1800 daru 600 g
    1 (L1) Ultimate Gold Seed 12h 25000 gold 30 b
    1 (L1) Superior Gold Seed 4h 10000 gold 2000 g
    1 (L1) Gold Seed 1h 3000 gold 600 g
    III. Upgrading your farm
    This option opens when your farm reaches lvl 30. Gives you bonus production and time shortening based on upgrade lvl and you need balens or vouchers as payment currency.
    1. lvl - you start with this level
    2. lvl 270 balens/vouchers –time to maturity decrease by 2%, and gives 3% on crop production
    3. lvl 1080 balens/vouchers - time to maturity decrease by 4%, and gives 6% on crop production
    4. lvl 2700 balens/vouchers - time to maturity decrease by 6%, and gives 8% on crop production
    5. lvl 5400 balens/vouchers - time to maturity decrease by 8%, and gives 12% on crop production
    6. lvl 9450 balens/ vouchers - time to maturity decrease by 10%, and gives 15% on crop production
    7. lvl 15120 balens/ vouchers - time to maturity decrease by 12%, and gives 18% on crop production

    IV. Harvesting your Tree of ancients
    Harvesting can be done only on your own farm and only by yourself. This action appears if your energize bar is full Click image for larger version

Name:	fullbar.gif
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Size:	8.1 KB
ID:	1733321 at the time when Tree of Ancients resets.Tree of Ancients harvests once in 24 hours (you can see what time it occurs on World Time) and after harvest energize bar starts again from 0. After harvest you can energize yourself 3 times (with 10:00 min cooldown) and your friends Trees only 1 time per day with cap of 100 times daily. Harvesting brings nice little bonus in vouchers and kyanite

    Farm Lvl Energize bar Kyanite Voucher
    1 10 1000 40
    2 11 1100 44
    3 12 1200 48
    4 13 1300 52
    5 14 1400 56
    6 15 1500 60
    7 16 1600 64
    ... ... ... ...
    20 29 2900 116
    21 30 3000 120
    22 30 3100 124
    23 30 3200 128
    And as you can see every next farm level brings +100 kyanite and +4 vouchers per farm level and after 21 lvl energize bar stays at 30 points.

    V. And now some tips and tricks how to max exp of your farm quickly and max benefits of friend system
    As you already know you can have max 200 friends from which you can weed, exterminate and revive plants 200 times max. You can energize their Trees of Ancients max 100 times and collect 100 times max. But why is it so important to have them if they steal from you?
    Well that sort of falls in category of questions what was first a chicken or an egg.
    You see we'll take (L2) Superior Gold Seed as an example. Usual production is 4500 gold, friends can steal from you 3 times. That deductes your production by 10% for each steal. Funny thing is if your farm is upgraded say on 3 lvl they can steal your basic seed production + % of upgrade (4500 gold + 6% equals 4770) this means 477 gold from one steal but you loose ONLY 10% of original value - in this case 450 gold less.
    But what also decreases production of your seeds: when you miss weeding and extermination. If you miss one time that's 10% less, and if you miss all that's 20% less production and that is why it's good to have even friends who steal crops from you. And they are THE only ones who can revive your plants after all ^ _<

    How to collect exp quickly
    When you hover mouse over crops you can see message:
    (xx) xx Seed
    Remaining Time xx minutes
    Normal speed
    and that remaining time is what is interesting. In tables below you can see in what time you can collect exp without spending much time looking for farms that have something to do on them. Action column reffers to 1st weeding, 1st exterminating, 2nd weeding and 2nd exterminating (1w, 1e, 2w, 2e for short)

    Seeds with 1h to maturity
    Lvl upg. Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s
    1 1 w 0:42:00 1 e 0:36:00 2 w 0:30:00 2 e 0:24:00
    2 1 w 0:41:12 1 e 0:35:18 2 w 0:29:24 2 e 0:23:30
    3 1 w 0:40:18 1 e 0:34:36 2 w 0:28:48 2 e 0:23:00
    4 1 w 0:39:30 1 e 0:33:48 2 w 0:28:12 2 e 0:22:36
    5 1 w 0:38:36 1 e 0:33:06 2 w 0:27:36 2 e 0:22:06
    Seed with 4 hours to maturity
    Lvl upg. Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s
    1 1 w 2:48:00 1 e 2:24:00 2 w 2:00:00 2 e 1:36:00
    2 1 w 2:44:36 1 e 2:21:06 2 w 1:57:36 2 e 1:34:06
    3 1 w 2:41:18 1 e 2:18:18 2 w 1:55:12 2 e 1:32:18
    4 1 w 2:37:54 1 e 2:15:24 2 w 1:52:48 2 e 1:30:12
    5 1 w 2:34:36 1 e 2:12:30 2 w 1:50:24 2 e 1:28:18
    Seed with 12 hours to maturity
    Lvl upg. Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s Action h:m:s
    1 1 w 8:24:00 1 e 7:12:00 2 w 6:00:00 2 e 4:48:00
    2 1 w 8:13:54 1 e 7:02:24 2 w 5:52:48 2 e 4:42:12
    3 1 w 8:03:48 1 e 6:54:42 2 w 5:45:36 2 e 4:36:30
    4 1 w 7:53:48 1 e 6:46:06 2 w 5:38:24 2 e 4:30:42
    5 1 w 7:43:42 1 e 6:37:24 2 w 5:31:12 2 e 4:24:58
    What does energizing your friends Tree of ancients brings you
    Tree of ancients EXP + (your level of friendship)
    Gold + (lvl of friends farm*20)
    Friendship +1
    So if you have a friend with farm level 42 and your friendship is 4 (that little hart near his/her name in friend list) you get 840 gold and +4 farm exp.... Even if you get „Farm EXP has already...“ message you'll obtain gold and friendship + untill you reach your energize cap (100 times for one day).

    Please remember this is, shall we call it work in progress and I would appreciate very much that if you found out that some informations are incorrect to PM me here on forum or ingame so I can correct them. And also if I manage to find out anything new I will add it here so this guide would be up to date.
    Last edited by Bo_Didley; 11-05-2012, 10:51 AM.

  • Tharlyci
    A zoo of withered crops is a guarantee that you can get your 200 friends farm xp in 5 minutes flat. Not useless for me, just for them.

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  • daft48eddiex
    The farm has been replaced with the tanks now, access thru Tree of Ancients.
    Question: What happens if you do not revive crops, do they eventually disappear, or do they remain withered for ever.
    I want to know which friends are still active and those who are not.
    Pointless reviving plants if there is no gain, for anyone.

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  • Cyber_x_Bare
    yea its great, a bunch of usefoul tips, ty Bo Didley

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  • Wothran
    this guide really helped me to become a better farmer and i would like to personally thank the person who wrote this so THANK YOU BO DIDLEY

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  • R24136727
    very usefull guide for farming. +1

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