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[Guide] Geek Guide to Lag

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    1st sorry for my bad english..
    stop complaint bout lag and blame the server.

    my computer spec :
    Pentium R dual processor 2Ghz
    memory DDR2 1 Giga pc5300
    VGA Share 64Mb
    HD 40Gb Free space 70%
    HSUPA modem Connection..but in real calculation only got 200-300kbps (6.00 to 24.00)and 500-600Kbps at nite (24.00 to 06.00)

    a few days ago..i got lag like other..sometime black screen.i hate this....^_^
    then..i try to follow instruction at page 1.and its fine...but its only temporay and still got lag again and again...

    then i use cc cleaner (use google to find it) install it and running...and i use MZ memory booster (use google)..same thing i do
    everything so lag anymore..for now at least

    so today...i play spire..that i always got heavy bad MZ memory booster told me that only 1% free memory on my cpu...dang...!!so i can't do nothing ..jsut waiting till my memory have at least 50% free.

    now i have 2 GB DDR2 Memory on my CPU...and i'll try on WB and BG..and if still got lag or frozen(i'll tell you latter) conclusion is..this game is heavy...sooo heavy for MMROPG web browser game.


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      can I add something to this? When you use Google Chrome there are two possible "flash" files it uses. An internal (PPAPI) and the external flash (used for other browsers) sometimes one or both can conflict with each other (they like to argue ). This is better covered by a google search, please google search "disable flash for googel chrome"

      Or do what I did and get Chromium instead.


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        i usually play 2 accounts same time and when im not doing mp's or other event i got 3 logged on. i do not lag like how people always say.

        this what helps me lessen a laggy game.

        1st u need a high ram.
        2nd check for adobe update and make sure its compatible with your browser "crome not needed".
        3nd use cc cleaner once a month or just clear cache. "when your done with all your task"
        4th defrag regularly

        if you are playing with 2 or more accounts the same time lag wont be a problem but the flash just cant take that many, you will need to regualry relog or you will start to get a delayed reaction on game. i suggest relog before any events. just relog evrytime u wanna do something.

        +++ missing a double and having no crit does not make it lag. )

        if black screen just clear all cache or just use cc cleaner, it wont happen again but u need to load evrything agian.
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          Originally posted by vets_Ambrozia View Post

          3. Scrub RAM

          lame, ***** lame, lame, lame

          ** post


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            Originally posted by mothing View Post

            some ** memory booster told me that only 1% free memory on my cpu...dang...!!so i can't do nothing

            ya know, that memory wasnt made to sit empty... its working ONLY when full. even jsut with cached data

            people should drop all the standard lamer's "tools" like CC Cleaner ,Reg smthng and all the **


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              Try Different Browser ?

              "Try Different Browser
              I have found that using one explorer to have trouble with doing one thing while another has trouble doing another. I am not familiar with FireFox and probably will not be, so if someone can offer insight on that area, please do so.
              IE (Windows included web browser) is kind of jicky about a few things. I have found Chrome better suited for Wartune."

              I use Pale Moon, and I have no problem with it.
              Try it and you will love it, fast start, no lag, no trouble.


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                that's what I thought too. I didn't do anything but play wartune that day, went afk for 10 min and a virus got my laptop. don't shut down your antivirus


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                  i ran it on an 8 core server and it still lagged. it's not a hardware issue on the player end, it's a hardware issue on the server end or bandwidth issue in between.

                  do whatever you want, it won't solve the problem. 90% of the solutions (defrag? please that's been worthless since win 98) are ridiculous at best. you could say "move your mouse in 14 circles" or put your monitor higher up" and they would have as much effect on lag as defragging or clearing the cache
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                    the last patch is the real trouble for me
                    untill it, the process memory was always around the same
                    now, it's constantly increasing...
                    even with a good computer, when the memory used is more than 1.2 giga (total, meaning browser + plugin), the game start to be slow. if the memory increase more, the browser crash sometimes (either browser or flash)
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                      nice guide but on the antivirus part the real time scans they only run on idle or at the start of windows you can also set up a time for when they run. antivirus programs are also monitoring your internet surfing and your wifi connections to make sure you don't get someone trying to hack your network. would not recommend turning off antivirus. most lag is because of slow internet and low memory the rest is spot on.
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