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Guide Knight Non Cash Build Level 35 - 44

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  • Guide Knight Non Cash Build Level 35 - 44

    Hi, i just wanna share my build for a Non Cash Knight.

    This can applicable for level 35 upto 44. Cause at level 45, you will only have the Level 45 Pvp Set. 1 socket.

    At level 35 after getting your level 35 Pvp Set. You should have 4 Socket rods to use, which can be obtained free from Login bonus.

    This is how i socketed them

    PVP set. 2 Slotted.
    4 Level 3 PAttack Gem
    2 Level 4 Hp Gem
    2 Level 3 Physical Defense
    1 Level 3 Hp Gem

    Rings and trinkets are Lvl 30 crypt gears. 1 Slot

    4 Level 3 Pattack Gem

    Academy Skill:

    Hero Pattack Level 41
    Hero Pdef Level 41
    Hero Mdef Level 41
    Hero HP Level 41
    Other academy skills for troops are all level 30

    Guild Skill:

    Power Level 6
    Defense Level 6
    Stamina Level 4
    Charisma Level 3
    Intellect Level 2
    Gold level 5


    I havent put much effort for my astrals yet coz i have been focusing more on Guild Skills.
    After i completed levelling up my Guild Skills, i will then level up my astrals.

    Refined Brilliance level 5
    Pristine Force Level 4
    Pristine Fortitude level 3
    Refined WillPower Level 3

    Skill Build

    Slasher Level 1
    Ultimate Slasher Level 1
    Agoran Shield Level 2
    Shadow Thrasher Level 3
    Heart of Rage Level 2
    Combat Master Level 3
    Tenacity Level 1
    Divine Blessing Level 2
    Enhanced Block Level 2
    Reverse Damage Level 2

    then u should have 1 more skill available which will be used later on for levelling up Agoran Shield to Level 3 (required level 42). So at Level 44, u can still have 2 points available to get the Level 1 Apollos Shield (1 Skill Point) but it requires Level 2 Tenacity (1 skill point).

    PVP or ARENA
    Okay, this is how i play my knight, skill build is the most crucial part because it determines how your knight will do in battle. As you can see, i opted to go as a Tank + Reflect Build with some Medium Damage. The exciting part is when you reach level 44 when you can get the Apollo's Shield. Also Keep in Mind. This build is most effective against Archers and Knights. But in order to battle Mages, you have to remove some of your Pattack Gems and Pdef Gems and replace them with Mdef Gems.

    First off, cast reflect, then Slasher, attack, now its upto to you if you go attack with Shadow Thrasher or Defend with Agoran Shield. This is the skill cycle i usually play. most of the time i reach the 60sec timer and at that rate reflect works the best together with shield. This Combo will be boost once you get the Apollo Shield.


    Always put you Hero in front. By the way, i chose to use knights as my troops cause fill up my weakness which is DPS Damage. At Catacombs, replace your Pdef Gems with Mdef Gems. So far i can only reach LEVEL 55 Catacombs.

    Here is a screenie of my char Stats.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	stat.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	104.1 KB
ID:	1733444
    Thanks for reading.

    Feel free to criticize my build. I would be happy to hear from you. ^_^

    Server: S29
    Guild: HitEmHard
    GuildMaster: Pepper
    Last edited by [Pepprica]; 01-05-2013, 07:43 AM.

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    Alright and this is just my two cents and if I'm wrong then I do apologize but...

    1) Based on your skill set, your lvl and your guild skills...either you have reset your skills or you are a casher. That skill set is designed for a tank build and I have used that similar skill set and its impossible to generate enough damage for WB to upgrade your guild skills to that lvl (the starting events won't give enough gold to lvl that high) and your astrals. Sorry I don't buy the non-casher build at all.

    2) Frankly its pointless to upgrade the 35 set with the socket rods because the 45 is soooo much better and can be gotten with really little effort so long as you can attend some of the BGs and GAs. I would save them for the 45 set.

    3) Starting off the battle with Reflect is good but your suggestion of using slasher and then either shadow thrasher or your shield is flawed for one reason: base rage is 30. Reflect damage takes 30 which leaves you with 10 after your passive. Slasher generates 15 rage which gives you 25 and shield takes 30 and thrasher takes 35 so you have an auto attack or ult slasher in there before your shield or thrasher. Problem with Apollo's Shield is what skill do you drop for it? Also you are missing one essential tank skill and that's intercept. Intercept is so useful for that pesky heal or delphic that the other classes use.

    4) I can't debate your academy researches because I have different set ups but it seems to me that your troops are very soft and can prolly be taken out pretty quickly. My troop techs are mid 40s or so but like I said I don't know how soft or how strong your troops are. Just an observation.

    Interesting build but from what I can tell with your stats and guild skills and lvl of your have spent money at one point. But if I'm wrong I'll admit it.

    Class: Assassin lvl 78
    BR: 67K
    Server: Qianfo Hall


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      Hi there!.. I will try to answer your points 1 by 1..

      1) During the skill bug, we have given 2 resets right?? so i grab the opportunity test out the skill build and thus thats what i came up with. I also used the skill calculator to better test the skill points needed for the build. As for my Guild Skills, i farm, A LOT! Lol. I also have plunders which gives me 40k, if lucky i gain 100k
      I also visited old servers (S1, S4) and ask some High Level knights about it.

      2) You are right with what youve said, i should have NEVER use my socketing rods for my lvl 35 set. I admit, im wrong. But it is a mistake almost everyone in our server did. rofl

      3.1)"First off, cast reflect, then Slasher, attack, now its upto to you if you go attack with Shadow Thrasher or Defend with Agoran Shield." <<<--- yeah thats what i do, if u read it carefully i start off with (rage30) 1. Reflect (remaining rage 10) 2. Slasher (remaining rage 25) 3. attack (remaining rage 37) 4. Shield or Thrasher .. i have enough rage for this combo. I use normal attack for a chance of double hit (with right timing and no lag). . I only equip ultislasher in BG. So i can target low Hp heroes. In duel i rarely use it. Maybe i should replace it with intercept soon.

      3.2) I only equip Ultislasher in BG. So i can target low Hp heroes. In duel i rarely use it. Maybe i should replace UltiSlasher with intercept soon. Thanks for bringing it up sir

      4)Sorry for not detailing my troop skill academy,its up to you to decide if my troops are squishy. Troop Count 40: Troop HP 30: Troop Pdef 32: Troop Mdef 32: Troop Attack 30: Can take 2 hits from WB too.

      Finally, i havent spent a cent to purchase balens or VIP. I just spent more TIME to play my char and do farming a lot.

      Dont have to apologize bro, im also posting this to learn. Thanks!
      Last edited by [Pepprica]; 01-05-2013, 07:43 AM.


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        i could still understand the part when you use
        1.Reverse Damage --> thats Reflect or am i wrong?
        2.Slasher --> Need rage rather then Inflicting damages i know this one too
        3~6 at least do not use agoran shield just yet why dont you use Intercept or Ultimate slasher first(if no damages inflicted at you then)
        a.You waste 1 Turn
        b.Your teammates suffer damage without any benefits from you
        7.Then when your HP at red you use agoran shield or
        7~10 perhaps Go nuts with shadow trasher (this Skill really need Critical or disable crit with +%dmg astral), Rebuff Reverse Damages, Switching skills between
        Slasher and ultimate slasher.

        Note: Whirlwind with High damage Combo-ed with Lunatic or any MAGE AOE would be great


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          ok i am trying to find out the best astrals for my knight lv 45
          i have so far required holy force, holy snipers edge, holy will power. and determination what is the best for my last astral
          my br 87960


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            Originally posted by roneyjames View Post
            ok i am trying to find out the best astrals for my knight lv 45
            i have so far required holy force, holy snipers edge, holy will power. and determination what is the best for my last astral
            my br 87960
            Congrats on bumping a 5 year old thread.

            What I did as an archer, was to look at the middle archers or in your case knights, and find out what they are using for astrals. Keeping in mind as you progress through the game, into KnightHood and being able to wield titans, your astrals will undoubtedly change as well.
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              i can build a chratacter non cash within 3 months n my tip is go straight to lvl 70 gear
              n dotn waste ur time with 50 60

              i am the ultimate god of non casher.

              And as for babara not beleive u dont cash i do cuz im in s1 server