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[GUIDE] Short and Made Easy

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  • [GUIDE] Short and Made Easy

    My guide is a bit different from the rest of the guides. I'm going to skip all the details in the obvious stuff that includes levy, gold mines, plundering, town hall etc. and bring out as many tips that I know of that Really makes a difference. The sneaky ninja stuff !

    - Level up your town hall and gold minery as soon as you level, matter of minutes and you save those cents ^^

    - Plunder
    players without a guild and/or inactive players, as most of the players belonging to a guild will deposit their exessive money into guild's contribution before they log out of the game.
    * Plunder players quickly after the WorldBoss event (this one is especially sneakysneaky ninjastuff ^^ Plunder the opponents suggestably who've been in the top10 ranks during the WB event)
    * Plunder players who are constantly growing goldplants in their farms, pretty sure they're packed with loads of goods.

    I constantly have an income of 400-600k from daily plunders following this advice and I am just lvl 40, plundering players inbetween the range of 35-40.

    - Farming - Grow 1h gold seeds, the highest rank as possible, when you're actively playing the game and try to harvest them/replant them as fast as possible. It's due to the fact that 4 x 1 hour plants give you A lot more gold summed up during the 4-hour time rather than 4h plants that you plant only once. Use 4h or 12h gold plants when you leave the game inactive.
    * You ONLY have 200 harvesting attempts per day (from your friends' farms) so Watch yourself what you're harvesting. The daily harvest is not limited to daily gain, it's limited to daily attempts so you'd want yourself harvesting 200 times x The highest rank gold plants as possible. Watch for Blue Superior gold plants and higher. Do not limit yourself too much tho as you may not get all the 200 attempts harvested before your day runs out (aka. do not just keep waiting for the purple stuff).

    Gold Mines -
    It's not that insignificant but still a little trick to save your time and have a higher gold income Every minute.
    * Having your gold mines run out, go to the wild, quickly locate your hero's position, occupy the Nearest 2 x goldmines you can see (hence the lvl on them) and after that start looking for the max. level gold mines currently in your area. You'd lose some gold in total if you'd take off into the wild and start looking for the highest lvl gold mines right away. So occupy the low lvl ones and take your time searching for the highest mines.

    Arena Rewards - You'd want to show yourself rather Passively during the first 2 days of the 3-day rewarding interval. At the very end of the 3rd day (matter of minutes even), equip yourself with as high runes/potions/scrolls as possible. Nuke your opponents and climb the ladder as high as possible before the day is going to reset. That allowing you to be on the highest rank possible and you'd claim way better Arena Reward as you usually do.

    --- There is nothing much you can really change in the income of your TownHall, daily levy attempts, gold mines productivity aswell the campaigns/multiplayer dungeons, so why should I bring them up? I don't ! I'll keep this guide as short and easy-to-read as possible, enjoy my future sneaksneaky ninjafellows! ^^

    *FALSE FACT*, I am sorry --- Aswell, keep your eye on the friendliness level of the farm you're harvesting from. FriendlinessLVL determines the amount you'd get from 1 x harvest. ---

    Congratulations! You get a reward for posting guides for beginners, please be noted to check.
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    the tip about plundering right after world boss is actually pretty good.


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      tracking down the most common WorldBoss top 10 damage dealers and plundering them after the World Boss event works like a charm ^^

      Not quite sane.

      S-75 Inmate
      S-55 Donea


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        only if you can beat the top 10 a lot of top players in my server in wb are the number 1 in solo arena too im sure we all have our 'piggy bank' plunders, until they catch on. Also, try and do ur 5 plunders then move or cp to protect what u just took
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