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[Guide] Guild Battle Point System ~ Outdated, needs updating.

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    Originally posted by Jan_Axl View Post
    well, at least I see my previous comments/questions here now, unanswered !! Is this thread still active?? Are there official from r2games giving some answers or only those players who volunteered to waste their time helping any kinds of strangers??
    My guess is no lol

    I was wondering about the individual rankings do you just get individual points in the same way by attacking ward tower or holding the 4 towers. OR is individual rankings based on kills too?


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      if i'm not mistaken, it gives of points every 30 mins. sorry i haven't played for so long..

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        lol i got 999 insignia


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          Okay, here's one for you. Our guild is ranked 3rd in strength on a newer server so we get put up against the top guild and of course lose.
          Next two battles are no shows from our opponents. 2 wins.

          Final rankings:

          Rank, Guild Strength, Guild Battle Points
          1st: Top ranked ... 1,248,070
          2nd: 2nd ranked ..... 654,000
          3rd: 4th ranked ...... 307,000
          4th: 5th ranked ...... 171,000
          5th: 3rd ranked ...... 424,000 *
          6th: dead guild ........ 76,000
          7th: dead guild ....... 139,000
          8th: dead guild ........ 97,000

          Can somebody please explain to me how we ended up in 5th place behind a no show guild


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            Originally posted by Earthican View Post
            Okay, here's one for you. Our guild is ranked 3rd in strength on a newer server so we get put up against the top guild and of course lose.
            Next two battles are no shows from our opponents. 2 wins.
            The winners in the first round fight for positions 1 through 4.
            The losers in the first round fight for positions 5 through 8.
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              EVERYONE just go for the enemy ward tower.. win win..
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                pls help to strong master


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                  Originally posted by squall6677 View Post
                  We find that if your holding all 4 towers, and your hitting the ward, you'll get to 4k points way before the ward goes down anyway. I feel that vs weaker guilds, sending everyone in with 1hp and 1troop to the ward gets the job done fast in this situation. However, going against the more equal guilds on our server, we just tend to claim the towers and spawn camp them till the win.

                  On another note, does anyone know if the ward tower will go down at all? I've never seen further than 25% remaining before claiming 4k points, so, it would be nice to know for sure. Also, knights above level 46 can block an attack from the ward and survive, and go for another round. So if anyone is level 55 or higher, maybe they could shed some light on how touch this tower actually is?

                  And does anyone have any other strategies in play? Has anyone got to 4k within 20 minutes?

                  Yes in our server we did.. we got 4k points in 11 mins.

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                    haha GB last for 20 min now... no they dont. the top guild on my sever beats everybody in under 20 min still.


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                      Looked through this thread and didn't see anything about the following:

                      Chariots are a waste of guild monies when you have opponents who can take them out.
                      I am a lowly L69 hero and even I can take out a chariot before it can damage ward tower.
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                        Well in my server we get an inactive guild once a week...and its not that difficult to finish in 20 minutes..usually the gm is absent on that day and it falls on me.I start with inspiration skill and when we have taken all towers and everyone starts hitting ward,I use chariot.then as and when cd ends,I keep using inspiration adn chariot.One thing you need to know about inspiration is that use it when all members have have their respawn cds done...else they wont get that rage.And make sure every member hits ward tower.


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                          on our server we have only 4 active guilds in GB's, the rest quit playing as it's impossible to get 1 tower, guild 1 is lending players to guild 2 to try and make a 20 min battle, most guild battles can almost be counted in seconds, not minutes, is there any way to encourage smaller guilds to participate as 3 no shows a week is not how this supposed to work


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                            personally speaking, haven't seen any guild encountered "not matched" status against another guild. The automatic win is given to those guilds who are facing a disbanded guild during the Guild Battle (belongs to the top16 but disbanded during the week of the competition thus by looking at the "Guild Battle" in Guild menu, the disbanded group is removed and its spot will be left blank.
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                              We had the not matched happened a couple of weeks ago. It was a different guild who got the automatic wins. We had a few active guilds but CS GB pretty much killed the competition on our server because as majority of top players went to the no 1 guild. Which has 12 million br and the second place guild has 4.3 million br. So some matches are really quick and a couple are bit longer.

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                                it would be nice if they fixed the battle tree, the #4 guild always gets the #1 guild the 1st battle.

                                it should be as with every other tournement tree. 1 vs 8 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.

                                is it really that hard to fix?