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Need help how to train

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  • Need help how to train

    So, I've been convinced by my boyfriend to play this game but when we play together it feels like I am so slow and don't know how to train properly. He keeps increasing his BR and I feel left behind and noob

    Can I get some tips how to train BR and get stronger in the game? What are the best ways?

    Any help is appreciated ^^

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    BR isn't a good indication of how strong you are any more. You can raise BR by increasing useless stats (e.g., MAtk for an archer), for example, and resistances are pretty hit and miss if you don't have the crystals for full coverage, and they add to BR also.

    The first step is to establish which class you are playing.


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      I am playing as a Mage lv49 at the moment. My bf is always mentioning about getting various titles, saying it helps out a lot.

      Which ones are the most worth getting? For now the only one I have is called 'Junior Explorer'.


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        Titles are a good way to up BR. They have all sorts of requirements, you will have to look at each one individually to find out.

        The best ones are the ones tied to mounts and clothing sets. In general, mounts give Atk, clothing gives Def.

        In terms of stats, prioritise Matk, then it is a toss up between Pdef and Crit, then HP and Mdef.

        If I were you, I'd zoom straight to L80 and forget about other stuff. Get the L70 gear post-haste (archeology is a great way to do this as the materials you need are plentiful there), enchant it to max, then upgrade to legendary then upgrade to L80 gear when you get there.

        Do NOT camp as that would stunt your growth. Get to advanced class as soon as possible. Ask for help to do stuff if required. The power disparity between advanced class and non-advanced class is massive. Yes, you will be a weak L80, but just avoid BG and you will be fine. Archeology alows you to sidestep the honour requirements for getting high level gear.

        Then you can build up your toon and get satisfaction at the higher rate of BR rise than you would at L49. Most of the non-PvP runs you make have a static difficulty. That means as your BR rises, they become easier until they are trivial. This is especially noticeable in Forgotten Catacombs, where you will eventually be able to 1 shot the L100 boss. This is key because you will want to do the Catacombs as much as possible to get gem. They are a major component of early stats, and a full set of L12 dual gem will take a LONG time, especially if you are a non-casher. I have been playing for over a year on the same toon and I still don't have a full L12 set.

        That is just some basics, but a special mention: If you are going to spend money on this game, get VIP first. It is the single most worth it money sink in the game. Everything else is generally a waste. I only spend on VIP and nothing else.


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          boyfriend convince girlfriend to play? nice!