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    Really R2, i just want to meet your developers? why so injustice to Knights in Titan temple. I am a 9 mil br knight but not even i cross a single damn thing in Titan temple, I want to really meet that moron developer who developed this. Because 9 mil br Archer and Maze easily crosses most of the tier while as a Knight we have to just watch it. Mr R2, should i remind you the fact that we are paying you the amount for VIP and other balens and in return is this the service we are getting to our toon. Better either kick your moron developer who doesn't know the abcd of programing because there is something call testing, before lauching you should test whether it is working fine with all toon or not. My fellow VIP knights, if R2 fails to fixes this issue at an earliest, i'll prefer either move to international court of law or better quit this game and join other better service offering game, if wartune is what one needs, we can go to *****, their developers seems to give better service. Really as a knight i am fed up with this type of injustice to one toon alone.
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      Seems that since last maintence Titan temple gets harder almost everyday. As archer +10m br and 5 titans before last maintence i managed to clear 5-6 stages,now barely can do 3, 4 sometimes (if very lucky). Because eudaemons and their buffs/debuffs is ridiculous i lose even without chance to use Orderly titan (2nd equiped) not to mention if you get in fight with another archer,today i had total 135% damage received on me and enemies had +65% damage buff,so as i mentioned before with that kind of debuffs on me and buffs on enemies i get K.Oed on 2nd enemy attack with over 6M damage.
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        Anything that puts us at a disadvantage to prolong the pain to make us cash they will be slow to fix. Do you remember when eudies sunto used to stack? They fixed that fairly quickly because it put r2 at a disadvantage.
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          Some days I can get to level 4 others I can't even beat level 1! *** R2!? Why you gotta mess with us like this? I am almost 13 mil BR Mage Knighted. I mean really, you want us to continue to be loyal players aka CASHERS but you nerf us over why spend?
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            Originally posted by jeremiah36 View Post
            I actually think it's hilarious that the big cashers use all the frigga's and oracles there, just shows me they are scared of us getting something for free to help us catch up and butt hurt that they paid big money for those titans. Really it's no different than all the mounts they paid big money for that are now free with beast souls. If they had a way to stop us there, they would. Not all of them do that but it just shows the true colors of those that do lol.
            No, those are just the sylphs and eud that they have on at the time when they are selected for titan temple, they have not selected them deliberately to annoy you. The suggestion that any or all of these top players should strip down (as indeed many used to for Tower of Kings) is just a pipe dream, wont happen and it has nothing to do with them being "scared" either, you're hoping for too much there. Dont blame these individual players for their choices of Friggas and Battle Oracles, blame the devs for creating those sylphs in the way they did. Thinking that anybody will strip and leave themselves open for plundering or losing rewards in BR hot events JUST so you can have an easy ride is more hilarious than you thinking they are scared of us getting something for free. FWIW I am only 7m, with KH and only 2 titan skills - I cant even beat lvl 1 yet in Titan Temple, but I am not going to cry about it.


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              Try to plan your skills in Titan Temple. You always see the first attack what the animated players (knights) do is stealing your awaken points. So your 1st move shouldn't be titan skill full awaken. But put it on 2nd spot for example.
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