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How do i get pets?

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  • How do i get pets?

    I just want to get a pet!It may be the most sh*tt**st pet but i want one?
    How do you get one?

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    By "pet" do you mean sylph? If it is the case, then you should get a quest about it after a certain lvl if I remember correctly.
    If you do really mean a pet (like a dog or a cat or whatever), there is not such thing in this game.
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      How to get a pet:
      1. Find out if you are a responsible owner.
      2. Have some dough handy. You're going to need it.
      3. Travel to the nearest Animal Shelter. Talk with the folks there.
      4. You have a selection of animals to choose from: cats and dogs are often shown.
      5. After you select your pet, fill out paperwork; pay the fee.
      6. Go home after you have gone to the pet shop to buy food, toys, bedding, etc.
      7. Don't forget to give it a name. Enjoy your pet.

      Oh wait, that's not it, huh? Okay, if you are talking about Sylphs, you get 4 of them automatically at level 50 with two others that you can only get through events (basic). There are others you can get through certain places like Ares War, Athena's War, and Imperial War that you have to buy with items given to you. If you are talking about Eudaemons, you can get them after you hit level 70.
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        lol lmao ^^
        against devotion ^^